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Letter from the editors

                 he lead article in our Feb. 25, 2019 issue, titled   Big Ideas
                 "Government shutdown imperils spend-
                 ing, growth," delved into the recent partial       Measure up to Big Solutions
        T federal government shutdown and offered
        research, insights and examples of specific businesses
        and sectors affected. It also discussed the short-term
        and potential long-term effects of the disruption to our
        government services and overall economy.

        This issue's front-page article continues the discussion
        by sharing perspectives from members of The Green
        Sheet Advisory Board. Their answers to a set of ques-
        tions about the partial shutdown reveal that immediate
        impacts diverge in relation to types of merchants in a
        portfolio, and certain preventive measures, such as di-
        versification and superior customer service, can apply
        to payment businesses across the board.

        We appreciate the Advisory Board members who took
        time despite their busy schedules to respond to our
        questions. We also applaud the industry experts who
        contribute articles to this magazine issue after issue.
        Topics they have explored herein include why MLSs       Let me help you with a solution with
        who  have  grown  their businesses  and revenue  often
        hire in-house staff to address issues that take time      a personalized custom advertising
        away from sales efforts ‒ and why this is a sound prac-
        tice; the central role middle market retailers will play in   campaigns to meet your companies
        the continued success of ISOs and MLSs amid a rapidly                individual needs.
        changing industry; why the industry's feet on the street
        should guide merchants in using today's technology to
        transform the traditional POS to a vibrant point of in-
        teraction; and the coexistence of business owners who          •  Spotlight Innovators’ Web Pages
        disagree on the role of cash: some turn their backs on         •  Custom Videos
        cash-paying customers while others offer discounts to
        them.                                                           (multiple level options available)
                                                                       •  Targeted Email
        We post news stories regularly under Breaking In-               Campaigns
        dustry News on our home page,
        Several of those stories are highlighted within these          •  Resource Guides
        pages. Topics include Elavon and Womply's launch of a           (multiple options available)
        technology suite designed for small and midsize busi-
        nesses; the NRF's report that the 2018 holiday season          •  Print advertising
        enjoyed modest sales gains; the focus of the ATM in-            (multiple options available)
        dustry on security during its 50th anniversary year; re-       •  Online advertising
        search revealing that U.S. consumers increased usage
        of electronic payment options last year; findings that        Bundle advertisng campaign discounts*
        digital-first banking is on the rise, particularly among
        millennials; and a report that automated clearing house
        payments climbed to nearly 1.5 billion in 2018.
                                                                     Danielle Thorpe
        As always, you'll also find herein company and product
        profiles and mentions of recent milestones in the pro-             AVP Media Partnerships
        fessional lives of you, our readers, and your companies.
        We look forward to your news at                707-284-1686
        and helpful feedback at
                                                                     Your bottom line will thank you.

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