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Podcast - How to Leverage Payments Data for Facebook Ads

Published - August 26th, 2019

Payment processing and facebook marketing automation work together with Adszy

This week Jon Grayem explains how his firm, Adszy, harnesses social media and point-of-sale data to help brick and mortar merchants better understand customers and how to reach them. James discusses why MLSs who rely on scheduled-appointment leads should mix it up and add walk-in sales to their routines. And Patti reports on the Fed’s plans to build a real-time payments network and what that could mean for payment processing.

Podcast - How to Sell POS / ISV Solutions to Small Business Owners

Published - August 19th, 2019

Learn how Matt Hoskins, Founder & CEO of PayProTec, built a successful ISO leveraging POS ISV partnerships to support innovation and superior service. Plus, Patti reports on what the break-up of BAMS and First Data could portend for competition in merchant services, and James explains the value of demos in the sales process.

Podcast - Automate relationship management to sell more

Published - August 12th, 2019

Building profitable portfolios by playing to your sales strengths.

Managing the myriad of relationships associated with merchant portfolios diminishes time spent at what ISOs and MLSs do best: selling. Jordan Zahler, Vice President of Sales at IRIS CRM, explains how automation simplifies this process, and delivers front-end consistency in the face of upstream consolidation. Plus, Patti reports on FaceBook's crypto-currency play, Libra, and James offers tips for overcoming merchant objections to changing the status quo.

Podcast - How to Hit 6 Figure Residuals in a Competitive Market

Published - August 5th, 2019

Victor Travaglianti, Owner/Operator of Credit Card Processing For Less, explains how he built his merchant portfolio into a 6-figure residual stream. Maintaining mutually beneficial relationships has been key. Plus, James describes how to use "show-and-tell" as a prospecting tool, and Patti reports on top performing payment gateways.

Podcast - Why ISOs and ISVs MUST Work Together

Published - July 29th, 2019

Transform your ISO with the right technology partnerships.

Find out how the ISV Gas Pos is building out channel partnerships. "We're all about putting cash into [ISO and agent] pockets immediately," says CEO Josh Smith. Plus Patti discusses revenue opportunities from POS installment lending, and James offers tips for closing a merchant who says "maybe."

Podcast - Selling Value and Training Agents

Published - July 22nd, 2019

Learn how to sell Clover, Restaurant POS and Train Agents to Pitch Value from a 15 year veteran.

If you are serious about transitioning away from price to a value sales presentation, don't miss our interview with George Passias, Founder and CEO at Great American Payment Systems. Patti talks about how large Retails are pushing back against the card brands and James shares tips on converting "Maybe" into "Yes."

Podcast - Drive more sales with a focus on security

Published - July 15th, 2019

In this week's podcast Ben Trombley describes how his firm, Encytro, helps ISOs and MLSs grow revenues through a merchant data security and chargeback reimbursement program. Patti reports on the ongoing need to protect against POS hacks. And James offers advice on overcoming barriers to productivity and profitability.

Podcast - Should I Register My Brand?

Published - July 1st, 2019

Learn legal ins and outs, plus tips for managing sales teams.

This week's podcast features a far-reaching interview with Industry Attorney Adam Atlas. Learn what he has to say about issues like registering your brand and negotiating contracts. Plus James offers insights on managing a successful sales team, and Patti explains why ACH payments should be part of every merchant services product mix.


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