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Podcast - How to Stay Competitive in the Changing Payments Landscape

Published - December 30th, 2019

Erik Nicholson from Card Connect on ISOs and Agents staying relevant as the payments industry evolves. In this episode, Erik Nicholson, SVP Partner Channel at Card Connect talks about the fast changing payments landscape and how agents and ISOs can stay competitive. Also, James shares specific tips on targeting small business owners with facebook ad funnels, and Patti explores payments trends from a recent Nielsen report.

Podcast - Learn Keys to Growing Your Business in 2020

Published - December 23rd, 2019

This week James offers encouragement for growing your agent and ISO portfolios in 2020. Recommendations include: embracing online marketing, getting out there and selling cash discounting, partnering with integrated solution vendors, and getting serious about sales training.

Podcast - Motivating Your Sales Team

Published - December 16th, 2019

John Johnson, Chief Development Officer at Approval Payment Solutions, shares strategies for motivating agents with powerful sales meetings. Plus, James kicks off a mini-series on killer sales scripts, and Patti reports on credit card surcharging developments.

Podcast - Learn to boost merchant retention with smart terminals

Published - December 9th, 2019

Guiseppi (Joey) Marzelli, Co-Founder of Boomtown, explains how ISOs and agents can drive stickier relationships across verticals with smart terminals, like Poynt. James describes how to create marketing funnels that work for merchant services. And Patti reports on credit and debit card fraud trends.

Podcast - Motivating Agents to Be Top Performers

Published - December 2nd, 2019

Learn how Sundance Payment Solutions works with new and experienced reps to build strong merchant relationships. "It's not just about getting deals boarded, but getting the underwriting done correctly," explains Erik Martinez, Director of Sales. Plus, James describes how ISOs can maximize sales team performance by getting top performers to shine. And Patti and James discuss cash & mobile payment trends.

Podcast - Cultivating a Corporate Culture that Drives Results

Published - November 25th, 2019

Learn how Park Place Payments is changing the playbook for credit card processing sales. Its sales staff is made up of account executives, not agents, and "we're obsessed with ongoing training," says Founder & CEO Samantha Ettus. Plus, James continues his series on techniques for managing a merchant sales team, with insights on how to activate new sales reps, and Patti reports on prepaid and gift card usage trends.

Podcast - Building Your Personal Brand, and More

Published - November 18th, 2019

Learn how Koreana Holmes has been building a successful book of business as The Credit Card Lady in Phoenix, AZ. It’s all about networking, referrals and perseverance, she says. Plus James offers advice on building a winning training regimen, and Patti has tips for building your book during the holiday season.

Podcast - The Democratization of Consumer Financing

Published - November 11th, 2019

Learn how Flexxbuy helps ISOs and agents provide customer financing options for all manner of businesses. It can be a merchant acquisition play as well as a residual play, explains Bob Lovinger, Flexxbuy’s President. Plus James counsels managers on how to recruit high-performing sales reps, and Patti reports on an analysis of spending trends at U.S. small businesses.

Podcast - Helping Merchants Save Money With Interchange Optimization

Published - November 4th, 2019

Help merchants to not leave money on the table when running B2B transactions…without hurting your margins. Eric Jenks, National Sales Manager at PayTrace, explains how. Also, James shares a proven strategy for getting referrals from accountants and attorneys, and Patti reports on trends in consumer payment preferences.


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