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Podcast - Keys to Launching a Successful ISO

Published - August 30th, 2021

KastenBerry COO Carrington Fisk describes steps this newcomer ISO has taken to succeed as a start-up in a time of Covid. For starters, all sales agents are W2s. Also, “We treat our agents as professionals, rather than as bonus mules,” said Fisk. Plus, Patti and James discuss debit card trends, and some misinformation out of Visa about surcharging.

Podcast - Selling Gateway Solutions to CNP Merchants

Published - August 23rd, 2021

“Card not present is what got us through Covid,” says Jaron Rice, Founder and CEO of Magothy Payments. Also this week, James offers additional insights on effective delegation, and Patti reports on how the global chip shortage threatens new card issuance.

Podcast - Independent C-stores are a Huge Untapped Opportunity

Published - August 16th, 2021

There are 200,000-plus independent convenience, tobacco and liquor stores in the U.S., and the vast majority still rely on 20th Century cash registers. Discover what National Retail Solutions is doing to harness that opportunity with its all-inclusive POS bundle. “We’re giving them everything they need,” says Eli Katz, President & CEO. That includes connectivity to wholesale distributors and a cash discounting program. And stick around for Patti’s update on buy now pay later, and James’s take on delegating work.

Podcast - Competing with Toast for Restaurant Business

Published - August 9th, 2021

Learn how MetisPro has built Quantic, a multi-channel and customizable POS solution that empowers ISOs and agents to compete with Toast for restaurant accounts. “We’re reseller driven and processor agnostic,” explains Vigyan Kaushik, Co-Founder & CEO. Plus Patti discusses the latest news on the buy now pay later (BNPL) front, and James offers some insightful marketing tips.

Podcast - Agents, what’s best for you: 1099 or W2?

Published - August 2nd, 2021

This week James and Patti explore important considerations for agents – new and experienced – from compensation models and agreements to scaling up your business and branding. Then stick around for Patti’s reporting on consumer spending trends.

Podcast - 1099 or W2: Choosing the best sales team structure

Published - July 26th, 2021

This question comes up a lot when ISOs are building out their sales teams, and this week Patti interviews James about considerations that inform the best answers. Then, stick around for Patti’s reporting on a new push by PayPal into the brick-and-mortar merchant space.

Podcast - Reimagining Customer Loyalty

Published - July 19th, 2021

Learn how Enroll & Pay, a card-linked loyalty service, helps merchants drive sales and ISOs and agents grow their portfolios. “It’s a real churn killer,” says Brian Booth, CEO and Founder. Plus, James has advice for choosing the right processor to sell for, and Patti reports on how “weaponized content” is driving the fraud economy.

Podcast - Evolve Your Sales Approach, or Perish

Published - July 12th, 2021

ISOs and agents that aren’t selling online merchant solutions risk obsolescence. Danny Mikhail Founder & CEO of Zuza, explains why in this week’s featured interview. But don’t abandon terminal sales just yet, James adds during his segment, and he offers a formula for evolving your business.

Podcast - Advice for Selling Big Merchant Accounts

Published - July 5th, 2021

Discover how Quincy McKnight is creating a referral network to help his company, Covenant Pay Partners, build a book of big business accounts. And stick around for Patti’s report on the latest developments in crypto payments, and James’ take on the 3 pillars of effective training.


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