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Podcast - Getting Merchants off the NAUGHTY List

Published - April 23rd, 2021

No ISO/MLS wants one of their merchants placed on the MATCH list. But it's not a death knell either, says James Huber, an attorney who specializes in helping merchants get off the card brands' "naughty list." Plus, Patti shares promising economic news, and James offers advice on how to drive sales successes by transforming negative beliefs.

Podcast - Seizing a 700 Basis Point Opportunity

Published - April 12th, 2021

Tune in to discover how Dylish helps ISOs and agents go toe-to-toe with national restaurant delivery services, undercutting the big guys' fees and dishing out big margins on delivery and processing fees - upwards of 700bp, says Dylish's John Sarabia. Plus, Patti reports on card fraud trends, and James tackles the question of when is the right time for an agent to go out on their own.

Podcast - Get the Inside Scoop on Level 2 & 3 Interchange Optimization

Published - April 5th, 2021

Tune in to learn how Level 2 and Level 3 optimization works, and why ISOs and MLSs should care. "B2B is a $20 trillion opportunity," says Roger McNamara, President of Guide2Interchange. Plus Patti reports on the latest legal salvos targeting interchange, and James discusses the top 3 criteria for selecting a processing partner.

Podcast - NMI Acquires USA ePay to Optimize Sales Opportunities

Published - March 29th, 2021

Tune in to learn about NMI's recent acquisition of USA ePay and how the combination will help ISOs and agents deliver omnichannel solutions and expand into new markets. "We're a bring your own MID gateway provider," explains Vijay Sondhi, NMI's CEO. Plus Patti reports on one powerful U.S. Senator’s reaction to Visa and Mastercard plans to raise interchange, and James explains how and when to make a one-call close.

Podcast - Making Gift Cards a Sticky Proposition

Published - March 22nd, 2021

Discover how gift card programs help businesses improve cash flow and customer engagement, while improving your merchant retention. SwipeIt.com will even convert merchants with existing gift card programs for free, Gift Card Guru Larry Rubin told us. And stick around to learn about upcoming interchange fee changes, and leveraging LinkedIn to land more sales.

Podcast - Surcharging Roadblocks? Not in Kansas Anymore

Published - March 15th, 2021

Fresh off a legal victory regarding the constitutionality of merchant surcharging in Kansas, Jonathan Razi, CEO at CardX, talks about the lawsuit and what the court decision means for credit card surcharging in Kansas. Then Patti reports on retailers' 2021 priorities in tech and customer engagement. And James explains why it’s important to act strategically when presenting merchants proposals.

Podcast - Selling Cash Discounting to CNP Merchants

Published - March 8th, 2021

Discover how Elevate Payment Alliance helps card-not-present merchants benefit from cash discounting. The solution leverages the low-cost ACH network, Hawkins Siemon explains , Elevate's Founder & CEO. Patti gives an update on consumer spending. James answers the question: What's the value of a merchant statement?

Podcast - Grow Your Book with an EMV Retrofit Solution for Fuel Pumps

Published - March 1st, 2021

Learn how NRS Petro works with ISOs and agents to move the EMV compliance needle at gas stations with pay at the pump. Payment processing at these locations may seem complicated, but Eric Goldberg, Vice President at NRS explains how they have simplified it for sales partners and merchants alike. Plus Patti provides an update on Venmo’s merchant-acceptance play, and James offers sound advice on closing sales without seeming pushy.


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