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Podcast - Take a Deep Dive into Pricing Strategies

Published - February 22nd, 2021

Tune in for an in depth discussion on pricing strategies and statement analysis, as Patti probes James on a range of topics, including fee padding, interchange optimization, surcharging and cash discounting. Then Patti reports on a new merchant satisfaction survey, and James tackles a question from the field on cash discounting and sales tax. Download a free eBook on cash discounting and sales tax at ccsalespro.com/salestax; and visit GetISOAmp.com for a trial run and to learn more about the statement analysis service developed by James.

Podcast - Benefits of Selling a POS Ecosystem That’s Processor Agnostic

Published - February 15th, 2021

Tune in to discover how Zuza has created a single platform that works across multiple verticals to support businesses' multiple ordering and payment channel needs. It’s processor agnostic, and can be private labeled by ISOs, said Danny Makhail, Founder and CEO of Zuza. And stick around to hear Patti describe recent payment and fraud trends, and for James’ prediction for cash discounting's tipping point.

Podcast - Chat Bots: Revolutionary Approach to Restaurant Ordering & Payments

Published - February 8th, 2021

This week Michael Richardson, President of URHOST, details how chat bots are being leveraged to automate mobile ordering and payments for restaurants. "It's a tool customers get excited about," he says. Patti reports on what ongoing consumer adoption of P2P payment apps could mean for payments to merchants. And James addresses the role of sales managers.

Podcast - Discover a Practical Approach to Bank Referrals

Published - February 1st, 2021

"You're doing a deal, not just making a sale," explains Jaron Rice, CEO at Magothy Payments. Learn how that plays out as Jaron walks you through what it took to land Magothy's first bank referral agreement. Plus, Patti reports on Mastercard & Visa efforts to move more merchants to contactless payment acceptance, and James fields a question on waiving surcharges.

Podcast - What SMBs Need from Payment Services Providers

Published - January 25th, 2021

"Making things easy makes for sticky merchants," says Eric Berstein, COO at ValorPaytech. Learn how ValorPayTech makes things easy for merchants with an omni-channel processor-agnostic payment acceptance solution that supports cash discounting. Plus Patti reports on year-end consumer spending, and James offers his take on interchange padding.

Podcast - Learn How to Forge ISV Relationships & Sell to Attorneys

Published - January 11th, 2021

There's a lot of value to be gained from partnering with independent software vendors (ISVs), "but it needs to be a two-way street," says Cal Grant. Grant, a 15-year veteran of merchant services, has spent much of his career forging relationships with ISVs and is now Chief Revenue Officer at Caseroads, an ISV specializing in automating law offices. Learn first hand what ISVs are looking for from payment processing partners, and about opportunities for selling to law firms. Plus Patti updates listeners on the latest round of PPP loan funding, and James offers a how-to on predicting revenue streams from cash discounting merchants.

Podcast - Q&A Sessions on the Merchant Sales Podcast

Published - January 4th, 2021

In this special holiday episode of the merchant sales podcast, we are bringing you 3 recent Q&A sessions where James Shepherd talks with industry professionals about merchant cash advances, agent compensation and getting merchants off the fence.


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