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Podcast - Leveraging Transaction Data for Social Media Marketing

Published - February 24th, 2020

Learn how to leverage POS data from Clover and other solutions for social media marketing with Adszy. In today’s episode, Jon Grayem from Adszy explains how his software allows your merchants to easily create facebook and Instagram ad campaigns and then track the ROI from in store purchases. James talks about agent recruiting and Patti talks about mobile and contactless payment trends.

Podcast - How to Survive & Thrive in Merchant Services

Published - February 17th, 2020

Industry Veteran Marc Beuchamp offers insights from his new book, Survive and Thrive in the Merchant Services Industry, and describes frameworks for agent success. James kicks off a series on ISO strategies for building successful sales teams, and Patti reports on the Federal Reserve’s latest payments study.

Podcast - Feet on the Street or Callers in the Seat

Published - February 10th, 2020

Discover elements of successful strategies for direct sales in the payments space. Plus Patti reports on surcharging trends in e-commerce. And James answers an agent’s question about selling to owner-operators, like barbers, auto repair shops and dentist offices.

Podcast - Selling POS Systems Optimized for Cash Discounting, Surcharging

Published - February 3rd, 2020

Nick Melnyk, Director of Business Development at Mynt, explains how Mynt POS systems can be optimized for most verticals. Best of all, Mynt’s feature-rich out-of-the box POS systems include support for cash discounting and surcharging. Upwards of 80% of merchants using Mynt POS systems offer cash discounts, he tells us. Plus James wraps up a mini-series on killer phone scripts with pointers on getting merchant commitments, and Patti reports on how retailers are challenging the card brands over EMV.

Podcast - The Conversation Around Surcharging Has Shifted

Published - January 27th, 2020

The recent legal opinion overturning Oklahoma’s no-surcharge law leaves just 4 states with laws banning surcharges. Jonathan Razi, Founder & CEO of CardX and a Harvard-trained attorney, explains the implications. Plus James offers additional insights for creating Killer Phone Scripts.

Podcast - Focusing on Card Not Present in 2020

Published - January 20th, 2020

Find your niche and dominate your market in 2020. Jaron Rice shares why his local ISO is focusing on Card Not Present in 2020 and why you should find your niche as well. Patti talks about new MasterCard rules with free trials and James shares tips and strategies to get past the gatekeeper on the phone.

Podcast - Discover One Agent’s Secrets of Success

Published - January 13th, 2020

Donnie Troy describes how he’s been building a successful book of merchant business as a one-man show. Plus, James offers insights on developing killer phone scripts, and Patti reports on an American Express play for boosting merchant acceptance.

Podcast - Do Your Merchants Have "Terminal Illness"?

Published - January 6th, 2020

Smart Terminals are taking over Cash Discounting and Traditional Processing.

Dave Humphrey at Bryte talks smart terminals and the process of integrating Cash Discounting into POS Systems. Patti explains Kabbage Payments and how this new offer fits into the competitive landscape, and James gives tips on competing with Square, Stripe and other disruptive payment providers.


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