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Tuesday, December 04, 2007 — 10:59:56 (CST)

uWink implements customer-controlled pay-at-the-table technology

Los Angeles, Dec. 3, 2007 -- uWink, Inc. (OTCBB: UWKI), a developer of digital media entertainment software and an interactive restaurant concept, today announced the successful implementation of customer-controlled pay-at-the-table technology. Using uWink’s proprietary software coupled with credit card readers at the table, uWink customers can now verify the bill, add a tip, swipe a credit card and digitally sign the charge directly on uWink’s proprietary touchscreen terminals.

uWink’s new pay-at-the-table software features a straightforward user interface that walks customers through the checkout process step by step. Once the customer has verified the bill, added a tip and swiped a credit card using the credit card reader attached to the uWink terminal, uWink’s software securely captures, verifies and processes the credit card information and then prompts the customer to digitally sign the charge directly on the uWink touchscreen. The system also offers the ability to email transaction receipts. The software is fully integrated with uWink’s electronic credit card processing gateway and point-of-sale system, allowing for state-of-the art, secure transaction processing and direct capture of transaction data in uWink’s accounting and reporting systems.

“uWink continues to ‘wow’ its customers by constantly developing and expanding its proprietary software in order to enhance the customer experience,” said John Kaufman, Chief Restaurant and Development Officer at uWink. “Our new pay-at-the-table technology provides our customers with a very secure and fast checkout experience. With this latest innovation, uWink continues to execute on its vision of offering a 100% customer-controlled dining and entertainment environment.”

The pay-at-the-table technology also helps support uWink’s labor model by reducing the need for cashiers to handle customer checkout. In addition, with this new technology, the restaurant operations staff has greater visibility into table status, leading to better customer flow and table seating management, ultimately resulting in happier customers.
About uWink:

uWink develops digital media entertainment software and an interactive restaurant concept that allows customers to order food, drinks, games and other digital media at the table through proprietary touchscreen terminals. uWink, Inc. is led by entertainment and restaurant visionary Nolan Bushnell, founder and former CEO of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese (NYSE: CEC). For more information: .

Source: Company press release.

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