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ECS Fin achieves Fedwire Funds Service ISO 20022 certification

Monday, June 17, 2024 — 12:42:44 (EDT)

NEW YORK, June 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- ECS, a global leading provider of financial solutions, announces a significant milestone in its commitment to empowering US Financial Institutions. ECS Fin achieves the Fedwire ISO 20022 certification by completing Fedwire's DIT2 Certification Testing. This announcement brings attention to our solution IMS's capability for seamless end-to-end transaction processing, fully complying with the Fedwire ISO 20022 rules and standards.

Being a certified FedLine Direct Solution Service Provider, banks can utilize ECS Fin's FedLine Direct connection to interface with the Federal Reserve for streamlined Fedwire transaction processing. Alternatively, banks with their own FedLine Direct Connection can engage ECS Fin's IMS Payments, a complete payments application capable of handling entire workflows of all Fedwire ISO 20022 transactions and use cases.

ECS Fin Advances with Fedwire® Funds Service ISO® 20022 Certification

In line with the Federal Reserve's proposed timeline, banks now have only a couple of months to adapt their systems to the ISO 20022 standard. Rigorous testing deadlines were set well before the official transition date of March 10, 2025, to ensure smooth and efficient implementation. Financial institutions must ensure their systems are primed for Day 1 readiness. This emphasizes the importance for financial institutions to select a solution provider equipped with the necessary technology and experience to ensure a smooth transition.

Arul Santhosh, Executive Vice President – ECS Fin

"The path towards ISO 20022 adoption is intricate, demanding strategic planning, meticulous vendor selection, and exhaustive testing to guarantee system readiness by the stipulated cutover date of March 10, 2025. After securing the Fedwire® Funds Service ISO® 20022 certification, we are prepared to extend the advantages of this new messaging standard for a seamless onboarding process, comprehensive certification testing, and operational readiness in close collaboration with the Federal Reserve."

Why Choose ECS Fin?

Seamless Onboarding Process: Our expert team ensures a smooth and efficient onboarding experience, minimizing disruption to your operations.

Comprehensive Certification Testing: Rigorous testing guarantees compliance and functionality, giving you peace of mind.

Operational Readiness: Achieve full operational readiness through close collaboration with the Federal Reserve, ensuring your transition is smooth and secure.

As part of the phased testing and certification process (testing and certification for all service providers and software vendors with a deadline of April 30, 2024), ECS Fin underwent a rigorous testing program. Under this program, the IMS solution's capabilities in end-to-end processing of payments, reports and business use cases as defined by the Fed, with adherence to the Fedwire ISO® 20022 standards, were evaluated for effective operations.

Having obtained Fedwire® Funds Service ISO® 20022 certification, we enable the smooth migration of your legacy Fedwire FAIM formatted messages to ISO 20022. We prioritize a seamless transition, ensuring that your existing systems and business processes experience minimal disruption.

Ready to experience the ECS Fin difference?

Start reaping the benefits of our cutting-edge IMS solutions for Fedwire ISO 20022. Partner with us to navigate this critical transition with confidence and ease.

About ECS Fin

ECS Fin provides optimized solutions to address the transaction processing needs of an enterprise that covers message administration, workflow management, connectivity and integration. With a strong focus and industry expertise on application integration, payments and securities, it has been serving financial institutions, investment managers and corporations globally for more than a decade.

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