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FIs integrating self-directed investing with banking services

Monday, June 17, 2024 — 12:35:04 (EDT)

SAN FRANCISCO, June 17, 2024 – Banking customers prefer banking institutions with integrated services because consumers are used to having integration in other areas such as in medicine (Integrated medicine of East and West), integrated travel (Air, hotel, and car) and integrated shopping (Amazon). It is time the banking industry, specifically community banks and credit unions, starts integrating self-directed investing with their savings and lending services.

In the past, only national banks had the resources to integrate self-investment with their other banking services. However, the latest advancements in science and technology made it possible for smaller banking institutions, such as community banks and credit unions, to offer integrated banking services to their self-directed investors. These banking customers do not use investment advisors, which is why they do not use the services of registered investment advisors (RIA) offered by the bank or credit union.

Smaller banking institutions can start integrating self-directed investing with their suite of other banking services without any affiliation to a broker/dealer, and without registration as an investment advisor. Smaller banking institutions can integrate the Scientifically Predictably self-directed investment program instantly with their banking services. Additionally, there is no training or learning curve for the Scientifically Predictable program, all self-directed investors have to do is follow the projected ETF.

Scientifically Predictable is an investment projection that is based on a scientific study published in the Social Science Review. The study shows that the top five ETFs selected by the model outperformed the market (S&P 500) by 30.5% for a total return of 90.5% in five years. The study also revealed that this performance was conducted with high confidence in a period of swings from bull to bear market.

 The Scientifically Predictable investing program is designed for low risk and low-cost investors, who are seeking long-term returns with high confidence. The Scientifically Predictable investing projection is amazingly simple to implement at the institution. Scientifically Predictable is exempt from advisory registration because it is a published scientific projection. Banking institutions have full discretion over the marketing, distribution, and pricing of the Scientifically Predictable investing program to their customers.

About Dr. Dan Geller

Dr. Dan Geller is a behavioral economist and the President of Analyticom LLC, a financial modeling firm specializing in the application of behavioral finance to predictive financial models. Dr. Geller is a pioneer in the research of financial-decision making, specifically how money anxiety functions as mediating factor between people’ instinctive-response mode (a.k.a system 1), and their analytical-response mode (a.k.a. system 2). Dr. Geller’s behavioral economics models are used by financial institutions nationally to predict interest rates, and by investors to project equity prices and rate of return.


Dr. Dan Geller Behavioral Economics in Financial Projections Scientifically Predictable drgeller@analyticom.com www.scientificallypredictable.com 415-891-3093

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