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Payzli restructured leadership to accelerate growth

Friday, June 14, 2024 — 11:56:53 (EDT)

TAMPA, Fla., June 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Payzli, a next-generation payments fintech, today announced strategic changes to its leadership team to further accelerate revenue growth and solidify its position at the forefront of the dynamic fintech landscape.

The only constant is change. Payzli is no exception. We are getting hyper-focused on our respective areas of expertise.

Payzli announces strategic leadership restructuring to drive growth.

Effective immediately, Arash Izadpanah, will transition from Chief Executive Officer to Chief Risk Officer. Having spent over three decades in this space, Arash will leverage his extensive industry knowledge and deep risk management expertise in his new role to grow Payzli's high-risk channel and ensure the company maintains the highest security standards and regulatory compliance.

As Chief Executive Officer at Payzli, Arash has been instrumental in solidifying strong banking relationships with Esquire and Commercial Bank of California and key partnerships with our advisors.

Naim Hamdar, who has significantly expanded Payzli's market presence and customer base during his tenure as President, will step into the role of Chief Revenue Officer. Naim's proven success in driving sales and forging strategic partnerships is ideally suited to propel Payzli's revenue trajectory.

Payzli's Chief Technology and Product Officer, Kapil Pershad, will continue to lead the company's innovation engine, ensuring cutting-edge solutions and a seamless user experience for its growing customer base.

"The only constant is change. Payzli is no exception. We are getting hyper-focused on our respective areas of expertise. Naim is leveraging his sales and entrepreneurship expertise as Chief Revenue Officer to drive revenue, while Kapil leads our powerful tech team to build our payments enablement platform and proprietary POS solution. As I step into the role of Chief Risk Officer, my focus will be on managing risk, compliance and credit to execute our ambitious growth plans with our powerful banking partners. With the CEO seat vacant, we're actively seeking a leader who can bring fresh perspectives to fuel our success. Here's to embracing change and driving growth at Payzli," said Arash Izadpanah.

"Payzli is well-positioned for continued success, with a strong foundation of innovative products and a talented team," concluded Naim Hamdar. "We are confident that this leadership restructuring, combined with the addition of a revenue-focused CEO, will propel Payzli to even greater heights," he added.

Payzli Seeks Visionary Fintech Leader as New CEO

Payzli is actively searching for a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with extensive experience in the fintech industry and a demonstrated ability to drive revenue growth. The ideal candidate will be a strategic leader with a deep understanding of the evolving payments landscape and a passion for innovation.

About Payzli

Payzli, living up to its tagline "for the joy of business," is at the cutting edge of payment technology. It offers a streamlined yet powerful suite of advanced payment services, bespoke business management software and custom payments enablement for app developers and independent software vendors. Discover how Payzli is redefining the payment landscape at www.payzli.com.

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