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Accelerated Payments, inflverse, target creator economy

Tuesday, April 23, 2024 — 13:38:07 (EDT)

London / Dublin | April 23rd, 2024: Accelerated Payments, a leading provider of business funding solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with inflverse, a global financial management platform for creator agencies. This collaboration aims to build a more financially sustainable creator economy. Leveraging Accelerated Payments funding solutions, inflverse has developed a proprietary platform that is revolutionising payments within the creator economy.

Creators utilise platforms like YouTube and Meta to cultivate authentic audiences, distributing and monetising content by partnering with brands whose target customers align with the creator's audience. According to Goldman Sachs Research, the creator economy now includes 50 million creators, and is poised to double in market size to $480 billion by 2027. The majority of medium to large creators work with talent management agencies to manage their commercialisation, which also includes the handling of invoicing and payments.

Liquidity issues are a growing problem for both agencies and their creators, due to heightened macro-economic challenges and extended payment terms. Agencies are caught in a balancing act, navigating between brands' delayed payments and creators' urgent need for access to their earnings to sustain their livelihoods. Acknowledging creators as the SMEs of the future, the partnership between Accelerated Payments and inflverse is directly tackling the challenges encountered by the financially underserved creator economy.

The Visa Creator Commerce Study found 90% of creators have experienced issues when getting paid presenting a significant opportunity for innovative financial products that solve the payment issue.

By seamlessly integrating with Accelerated Payments' global funding solutions, inflverse’s technology offers creator agencies end-to-end invoice management and collections, giving instant access to advanced funding. This allows agencies to compensate their creators within 24 hours of campaign completion.

Commenting on the partnership, Ian Duffy, CEO of Accelerated Payments, remarked, “We recognise the significance of cash flow management for creators and their agencies, especially in an industry as dynamic as the creator economy. Our collaboration with inflverse aims to address the unique challenges faced by creator agencies by offering simple, flexible, and innovative financing solutions. We are achieving this by providing funding solutions to power inflverse invoice financing platform.” Hugh Mooney, CEO of inflverse, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “At inflverse, we are committed to building a more financially sustainable creator economy. Through our strategic partnership with Accelerated Payments, with access to funding across all major creator markets, we empower our agency partners to compensate their talent the very next day, whilst minimising payment risks. Addressing the primary challenge in the creator economy—payments—is our first step towards developing the industry's first end-to-end creator-focused campaign management tool. This partnership exemplifies Accelerated Payments’ commitment to supporting businesses across diverse sectors with innovative financial solutions. Through strategic collaborations with industry leaders like inflverse, Accelerated Payments continues to drive positive change and foster growth opportunities for businesses worldwide.

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About Accelerated Payments:

Accelerated Payments provides flexible and innovative finance solutions to businesses in need of immediate working capital. With a focus on simplicity, affordability, and speed, Accelerated Payments offers invoice financing services that empower businesses to access funds quickly without the hassle of personal guarantees, long-term contracts, or extensive paperwork. Founded in 2017, the company has become a trusted partner for businesses seeking to improve cash flow and drive growth. For more information, visit www.acceleratedpayments.com.

About inflverse:

inflverse is an innovative financial management platform dedicated to financially empowering the creator economy. Specialising in end-to-end invoice management and offering advanced funding for creator brand campaigns, we aim to revolutionise payments within this financially underserved industry. For more information, visit www.inflverse.com.

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