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Finastra launches online marketplace for retail lending

Wednesday, April 17, 2024 — 12:20:13 (EDT)

Lake Mary, FL, US – April 17, 2024 – Finastra, a global provider of financial software applications and marketplaces, today announced the launch of the Solution Store, an innovative online platform that offers customers the convenience of browsing and purchasing Finastra retail lending solutions. The innovative online platform streamlines the procurement process, making solutions available to purchase around the clock.

The Solution Store enables customers to purchase retail lending solutions without the need for a meeting, email, phone call, or contract. Customers can securely access the Solution Store from Finastra’s Customer Success Community and receive an email outlining the purchase and next steps at checkout. This simple process accelerates adoption, allowing customers to enjoy the benefits of Finastra solutions sooner than the typical industry-standard implementation schedules.

“The Solution Store from Finastra is already helping our team find the solutions we need, when we need them,” said Keith McLendon, business support manager at FLC Bank. “As we all know, sometimes our days get crowded with meetings and taking care of customers. With this new, agile marketplace now online, I can browse and learn about solutions at my own pace, making it easier than ever to deploy new products that enhance both our operations and customer experience.” Thirty retail lending solutions such as Finastra Compliance Reporter, Data Insights, and various third-party integrations are now available for purchase, with more than 65 expected in the coming months. Product-specific training is also available, including resources devoted to Mortgagebot, LaserPro, eSign, DecisionPro, and more.

“As a long-time leader in the facilitation of open finance, Finastra’s retail lending Solution Store is a logical next step to help financial institutions across the US access the solutions and services they need at the click of a button,” said Michael Kinney, head of sales, retail lending at Finastra. “Whether a customer requires additional training to optimize their operations, a proven Finastra solution to solve a customer need, or easy connection to an ecosystem partner, the Solution Store makes it happen quickly and efficiently.”

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James McKenna

Senior PR Manager, Americas

T +1 845.546.2745

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