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Cigo introduces in-app tipping feature

Monday, April 15, 2024 — 12:07:31 (EDT)

MONTREAL, April 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ - Until recently, tipping delivery drivers required cash – something frequently less common in a digitally transformed world increasingly dominated by cashless payments. In 2022, at least 41% of Americans said they don't use cash to pay for any weekly expenses – up from 29% in 2018.

Ridesharing and restaurant industries have facilitated in-app electronic gratuities. Yet other sectors have lagged in offering infrastructure to help customers financially acknowledge drivers for often physically demanding work, such as with third-party logistics operators, furniture retailers, and appliance and construction material delivery drivers.

As a reaction to this gap in the market, Cigo Tracker, a logistics software application for last-mile delivery, has recently introduced a unique digital tipping feature. To empower drivers to boost their earnings effortlessly, their delivery management system now seamlessly integrates with Cigo Tracker, a platform that offers customers a frictionless method to express their gratitude directly on their phone.

A digital tipping system can be a win-win for drivers and businesses. 65% of respondents in one survey said that tipping digitally results in them giving at least an 11% higher tip than when done with cash. On the business side, 70% of respondents noted that the quality of service they receive directly influences the tip they give – meaning that organizations can use tipping to increase their profits since it incentivizes drivers to enhance their overall performance.

Enhancing customer satisfaction is also critical for helping delivery drivers maximize their earning potential and feel more satisfied with their jobs. Unfortunately, too often the IT infrastructure managing their deliveries can experience downtime, so they can't deliver as promised. These operational disruptions can occur when businesses use ill-equipped tools to manage their workload or decide to implement new technology incompatible with current infrastructure.

Cigo Tracker offers several customer-first features to address those issues. Its mobile app enables drivers to continuously access critical delivery information, with its 99.95% uptime guarantee and ability to operate both online and offline. The application can seamlessly integrate with various existing systems, including Point of Sale (POS) and Transport Management Systems (TMS).

Delivery delays can also seriously impact a customer's satisfaction with their service, leading to customer attrition and decreased tips for your driver. Unfortunately, providing inefficient itineraries to drivers often leads to lengthy waits for customers, not to mention increased expenses, with the American Transportation Research Institute noting that trucking costed businesses an average of $2.251 per mile in 2022. Cigo Tracker's Sequencing feature reduces the time companies spend on route planning and management by 93% and allows drivers to improve their delivery accuracy, decreasing missed delivery windows by 95%.

Improved punctuality allows drivers to encounter happier customers, making them more likely to receive tips and experience a positive stress-free work environment. Additionally, satisfied customers are more likely to leave positive driver reviews. Beyond increasing tips, these help businesses improve retention, with research showing that the chance of employees searching for a new job decreased by 56% if they receive adequate recognition at work.

When customers experience fewer frustrating delivery issues, they also require less costly customer service support, widening a company's profit margins. Businesses have also been able to cut down their incoming support calls by 85% with Cigo, thanks to the app's transparent communication and efficient alert system, Live SMS/Email Customer tracking, and accurate, right-on-time arrival estimates.

A supportive and rewarding environment is crucial for all stakeholders in the delivery ecosystem. Cigo Tracker's new unique tipping mechanism, combined with the application's other features, represents a significant milestone in helping evolve the last-mile delivery industry towards achieving that goal.

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Cigo Tracker is available on the App Store and Google Play Store. For more information, please visit cigotracker.com.

Interested in booking a demo? Visit cigotracker.com/public/contact

About: At Cigo, our focus is on creating the best possible delivery experience for end customers. We're deeply committed to the businesses that rely on us, acting as a dependable partner in their daily operations. Our mission is simple yet impactful: to build strong, lasting relationships with our clients. These relationships are founded on trust, expertise, and a shared vision of leading the market with superior delivery solutions.

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