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Deerpath Capital elevates CX with Totem's Reef platform

Tuesday, March 12, 2024 — 11:14:25 (EDT)

New York, NY - March 12, 2024 - Leading audience engagement platform Reef powered by Totem, has announced a new partnership with Deerpath Capital, a prominent US-based private credit firm. The collaboration will see Deerpath Capital leverage Reef’s innovative technology to create a unique and interactive digital environment tailored to its clients and prospects.

Reef’s unique blend of sophisticated technology and user-friendly interfaces will provide a comprehensive solution for Deerpath Capital’s diverse digital engagement needs. Together, they will develop an exclusive "Audience Home" on the platform, a dedicated digital space where Deerpath Capital can host and manage a wide array of content and events. This includes a regular line-up of live events and webinars, complemented by articles, reports and videos.

Deerpath Capital’s decision to partner with Reef was driven by several key factors in line with its strategic goals around digital hospitality, the art of providing a seamless experience for its stakeholders across all digital touchpoints. Crucial among these is Reef's proficiency in seamless brand integration, ensuring a cohesive and immersive brand experience that resonates deeply with Deerpath Capital's esteemed clientele. Additionally, Reef’s utilisation of first-party data will provide the private credit firm with deeper insights into investor preferences and behaviours, significantly enhancing its engagement strategies.

Reef's commitment to robust security guarantees that all digital interactions and data exchanges within the platform meet the highest standards of safety and compliance. The scalability of the platform is another significant advantage, offering Deerpath Capital the flexibility to expand its digital offerings and adapt to evolving market trends effortlessly.

The dedicated platform and accompanying app will provide an extensive suite of tools for event and webinar management. This includes an in-event ‘remote control’ allowing attendees to vote in polls, participate in Q&As, scan badges of other attendees and download digital materials directly to their account by scanning QR codes. The connected platform will also deliver an enriched experience for virtual attendees, with features such as customisable registration and in-session management.

Antonella Napolitano, Managing Director, Global Head of Investor Relations and Capital Formation at Deerpath Capital, said: “Through our partnership with Reef we will establish a more dynamic and engaging digital presence. This initiative will make it possible for us to forge stronger connections with our audience and set a new standard in digital engagement within the financial services sector.”

Matt Ryan, Chief Transformation Officer at Reef, commented: "Our platform delivers unparalleled digital experiences, on both sides of the Atlantic, making it an invaluable tool for a prestigious firm like Deerpath Capital for whom strong client relationships are key. This integration of technology will not only streamline the event management process, but also significantly enhance the participant experience. We look forward to supporting another forward-thinking business in achieving its digital engagement goals - and are excited about the potential this partnership holds for the future."

For more information about the Reef platform, please visit: wearetotem.io/platform/

About Reef: Reef is an audience engagement platform designed for events, webinars, communities, and courses. A single platform to create, host, and analyse the full spectrum of media and events. Deliver seamless brand experiences across every audience touchpoint including conferences, AGMs, investor meetings, financial updates, webinars, courses, videos and much more.

For more information, please visit: wearetotem.io/platform/

About Totem

Totem supports enterprise organisations to better understand, engage and grow their audiences. Its award winning MarTech platform Reef, provides a single data-driven tool to create, host and connect all an organisation’s media and events: articles, videos, podcasts, events, webinars, courses, meetings, networking and more. No more disparate platforms that don’t talk to each other, Reef connects the dots giving organisations a single view of their audience across every touchpoint. An always on destination for your audiences, giving them access to a bingeable library of content – live or on-demand - to keep them coming back.

Deep analytics allows organisations to track every interaction providing rich behavioural data, enabling marketing teams to personalise experiences like never before, while sales team have the data to accelerate their deal flows.

To learn more, please visit: wearetotem.io/platform

About Deerpath Capital

Deerpath Capital Management, LP is one of the largest providers of customized, cash-flow based senior debt financing to lower-middle market companies across diverse industries. Since being founded in 2007, the firm has deployed nearly $10 billion across 900-plus investments in the U.S. As of December 2023, Deerpath’s AUM is over $7 billion.. For more information, please visit www.deerpathcapital.com.

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