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Voltage upgrades bitcoin development platform

Wednesday, February 28, 2024 — 12:25:49 (EST)

WICHITA, Kan., Feb. 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Voltage, a robust Bitcoin Development Platform, announced the release of their unified platform and experience for organizations who aim to utilize Bitcoin in their applications. This platform enables companies to build Bitcoin solutions while giving organizational transparency to multiple internal stakeholders. With these updates, Voltage will continue to deliver the best Bitcoin payment experience possible for organizations.

"We're excited to share our most recent update to our industry-leading platform. With today's release, we're bringing a streamlined experience to our users and enabling support for team management, billing updates, and more. We are making these updates in preparation for a significant increase in client onboardings this year and next," said Graham Krizek, CEO/Founder of Voltage.

Voltage's Bitcoin platform simplifies utilizing Bitcoin payments while giving transparency across finance, operations, support, and leadership teams. Voltage provides self-custodial Bitcoin payments that are easy to implement with real-time actionable insights that help create a reliable payment experience for internal and external stakeholders.

"These updates directly respond to customer feedback as we've worked with the largest wallets, providers, and applications. We are creating the most robust platform for businesses to create their Bitcoin and Lightning experiences on top of. This release creates critical groundwork for the Voltage platform, and the network as a whole, to scale to the next level," said Graham Krizek.

As businesses begin to explore Bitcoin payments, they need an all-in-one solution that makes the experience as smooth as other payment technologies that we have today. Voltage's unified platform allows enterprises to access Bitcoin as technology in a simple interface with easy integration while remaining compliant.

If your business is exploring Bitcoin and blockchain payments, consider Voltage. If you want to learn more about Voltage, schedule a demo at voltage.cloud/contact-us/

About Voltage:

Voltage empowers engineering teams with Bitcoin-centric infrastructure that enables enterprise-grade experiences. By leveraging Voltage you receive the fastest and most scalable Lightning solution that meets the highest security and privacy standards. With modern modular tools and processes, you can build, deploy, and scale faster than ever. Voltage brings a suite of node, liquidity, and data services to the market that elevates your value proposition through Lightning Network architecture.


Voltage: Bobby Shell, 372975@email4pr.com, 850-572-1820

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