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Tiptappay enables Visa Member FIs to accept donations

Friday, September 29, 2023 — 12:47:23 (EDT)

Tiptappay Micropayments Now Enables Visa Member Financial Institutions to Accept Small Value Donations in Bank Branches

September 28, 2023 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

BURLINGTON, Ontario--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Tiptap, an innovative social impact platform, is thrilled to announce that it will now offer Visa Member Financial Institutions (Visa FIs) the ability to accept small value donations for community-based charities and local initiatives. This program aims to foster a culture of giving back and drive positive change in local communities.

The availability of Tiptap's technology to Visa's extensive network of client financial institutions can enable customers to make small value donations to community-based charities while performing regular banking activities. Whether depositing funds, making withdrawals, or conducting other transactions, customers will have the option to support local causes at the same time.

"We are excited to join forces with Tiptap to provide our Visa FIs with an innovative way to support local charities and engage their customers in impactful community initiatives," said Jacob Spurgeon, Vice President of Community Accounts at Visa. “Together, we can leverage the power of digital payments to create positive change. By making charitable giving a seamless part of everyday banking, we can help drive significant positive impact in the communities we serve."

Tiptap's sophisticated technology and user-friendly interface will enable customers to seamlessly complete their donations within the bank branch environment. The program will also provide Visa FIs with valuable insights into customer preferences and charitable interests, allowing them to support multiple charities to better serve their local communities.

"We are thrilled to work with Visa to make our social impact platform available to their extensive network of Visa FIs," said Barry Hildred, CEO of Tiptap. "Together, we can harness the power of technology and financial services to transform charitable giving and empower individuals to make a difference in their communities. This work aligns with our mission to drive positive social change and create a culture of giving that is accessible to all."

Tiptap is committed to ensuring the highest standards of security and privacy throughout the donation process. Donors can be confident that their financial information is protected, and their contributions will directly benefit local communities in need.

The program represents a significant step forward in empowering Visa FIs to give back to their local communities and engage customers in meaningful social impact initiatives.

About Tiptap

Tiptap is a leading provider of fully-integrated, omni-channel collection solutions for the charity and hospitality sectors. Through the Company’s innovative platform Tiptap enables users to tip, donate, and engage with local charities, creating a culture of giving that is accessible to all. Tiptap's mission is to drive positive social change and empower individuals and organizations to make a difference in their communities. For more information, visit www.tiptappay.com.


Jason Parker EVP, Sales and Operations jasonparker@tiptappay.com

Chris Gardner Director of Channel Partnerships gardner@tiptappay.com

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