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Jscrambler partners with GitHub

Tuesday, April 18, 2023 — 09:25:53 (EDT)

Lisbon, Portugal, April 18, 2023--Jscrambler, a leading solution for JavaScript protection and real-time webpage monitoring, today announces the integration of Jscrambler to the GitHub Marketplace. This integration will make it easier and more intuitive than ever for GitHub users to include Code Integrity protection in their build pipeline.

Having Jscrambler’s Code Integrity Action ready on the GitHub Marketplace means only having to adjust a few parameters before deployment, saving users time and resources. Users will no longer have to customize GitHub actions from scratch or including calls to Jscrambler CLI when setting up the pipeline, for the Action will already available in the GitHub Marketplace and available for integration into projects with just a few clicks.

"We're thrilled to make our Code Integrity available on GitHub's platform. This integration will make it easier for developers to protect their code and enhance the security of their applications,” said Rui Ribeiro, CEO and Cofounder, Jscrambler. “Our biggest aim has been and will always be for client-side security to be easy and approachable. We believe that this collaboration helps to materialize that goal."

GitHub is one of the largest online collaborative work platforms in the world with unparalleled popularity. It is an essential tool for software engineers as they can share their projects, and people anywhere in the world can work on them in parallel. According to most recent data, it currently accommodates more than 84 million users, with 200 million repositories hosted.

Jscrambler's Code Integrity offers several features such as code obfuscation, anti-tampering, and self-defensive capabilities. These features help to protect applications against reverse engineering, code tampering, and other attacks. Jscrambler's Code Integrity is trusted by some of the world's largest companies and is used to protect millions of lines of code.

About Jscrambler

Jscrambler is a leading authority in client-side security software. Its solution defends enterprises from revenue and reputational harm caused by accidental or intentional JavaScript misbehavior.

Jscrambler makes first-party code that is resilient to tampering and prevents interference with third-party code. The solution works continuously, keeping organizations protected regardless of how frequently things change. From code to runtime, Jscrambler has companies covered with a level of visibility and control that supports business innovation. Jscrambler’s customers include the FORTUNE 500, retailers, airlines, banks and other enterprises whose success depends on safely engaging with their customers online. Jscrambler keeps these interactions secure so they can continue to innovate without fear of damaging their revenue source, reputation, or regulatory compliance. Jscrambler was recently recognized as a winner in the 2023 BIG Innovation Awards. Find out more at: jscrambler.com/ or check out our listing on the GitHub Marketplace.

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