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NMA launches new brand, LOLA™, a fintech product line

Friday, March 24, 2023 — 13:15:31 (EDT)

LAS VEGAS (PRWEB) MARCH 22, 2023--Today, National Merchants Association (NMA), an innovative fintech company, pro-business advocate and payments acquirer transforming the financial services industry, announced its newest brand, LOLA™, a revolutionary fintech product line for the modern merchant. The products, LOLA™ Kiosk 210, LOLA™ Station 500 and LOLA™ Point, are available at no cost to the merchant and will support organizations through an ever-changing business climate that includes labor shortages, changing consumer demands, technology adoption, inflation and more.

LOLA™’s robust product line currently offers three solutions, each catering to organizations’ unique business needs, with more solutions underway. See below for a description of each:

LOLA™ Kiosk 210: A free-standing, touch screen, customer-facing kiosk POS system that enables customers to self-order and make payments without the assistance of wait staff or cashiers.

LOLA™ Station 500: A touch screen kiosk and POS system fused into a true all-in-one, compact product.

LOLA™ Point: A portable device which can be used as a stand-alone terminal or a portable POS device.

“We put advocacy at the forefront of everything we do, which is why we made LOLA™ products attainable and accessible for merchants of all sizes,” said Heather Altepeter, founder, president and CEO of NMA. “We’re leading the charge to make this free so that we can spearhead both merchant and consumer adoption more rapidly, as cost is the primary driver for resistance to modernization for small businesses.”

Unlike traditional kiosk solutions that are often associated with prohibitive lead time caused by complex, costly installations, LOLA™ cuts that all out by arriving ready to use straight out of the box, including its variety of pin pads that offer increased payment flexibility. Its remote management system also allows restaurants to access display information from any Wi-Fi enabled device, check the status of peripheral devices and resolve errors quickly. LOLA™ helps businesses of all types boost revenue, increase operating margins and enhance the customer journey by ensuring a simple experience where customers can browse, order and pay seamlessly, in one location. Businesses also win, as LOLA™ increases upsell opportunities, showcasing all available options to customers in a friendly and easy-to-use UI.

“The pandemic ushered in new consumer expectations and never before seen complications which catapulted much-needed revitalization across many different sectors and those behavior shifts look like they’re here to stay,” said Travis Everett, COO of NMA. “Today, customers are much more accustomed to the flexibility of contactless, self-service, so innovative fintech solutions, like LOLA™, remedies evolving business needs.”

To get an exclusive look at the LOLA™ products, visit booth #71 at the Northeast Acquirers Association Annual Conference in Boston from March 29 - March 30. Visitors will get a chance to experience the LOLA™ products in person, and next month, NMA will reveal one of their most coveted and important products in the history of the company. For an exclusive look, join NMA at ETA Transact in Atlanta from April 24-26. For more information on National Merchants Association, visit NationalMerchants.com.

About National Merchants Association (NMA)

National Merchants Association (NMA) is an innovative FinTech company, pro-business advocate and payments acquirer transforming the financial services industry. Through both advocacy efforts and its own innovative product and service offerings, NMA ensures that merchants of all risk levels receive fair and affordable electronic payment options for businesses of all sizes. NMA has revolutionized the payment processing space by creating a trusted and easy-to-use payment experience, for merchants, agents, referral partners and consumers, through its premier card-not-present service offerings, electronic payment options for brick-and-mortar businesses and complimentary payment kiosks. Since its inception in 2004, NMA has achieved remarkable success – securing four recognitions from Inc. Magazine’s award programs, including the U.S. Fastest-Growing Companies and the Rocky Mountain Fastest-Growing Companies. For more information about NMA, visit NationalMerchants.com.

About LOLA™

LOLA™ is a revolutionary fintech product line developed for the modern merchant and features state of the art POS systems and self-service kiosks. As a National Merchants Association (NMA) brand, LOLA™ was created to strengthen advocacy for merchants and to make technological advancements and modernization attainable for all businesses no matter their size. Current flagship products, LOLA™ Kiosk 210, LOLA™ Station 500 and LOLA™ Point, support organizations through an ever-changing business climate by addressing labor shortages, evolving consumer demands, technology adoption, inflation and more.

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