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Blocknative Introduces transaction bundle

Friday, February 03, 2023 — 12:49:59 (EST)

SAN FRANCISCO (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 01, 2023--Blocknative introduces transaction bundle send, cancellation, and replacement support for the Blocknative Builder. Searchers can now submit MEV bundles privately to the Blocknative Builder to be included on-chain. This market utility builds upon Blocknative’s reliable, real-time infrastructure that is systematically important to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Matt Cutler, CEO & Co-Founder of Blocknative, said, "MEV bundle control is an important element of our block building capabilities. As Ethereum evolves, we remain committed to providing real-time infrastructure that supports transparency, accessibility, and decentralization block by block. To reduce friction and facilitate adoption, we have prioritized ease-of-use by ensuring that our API-level implementation is cross-compatible with the broader builder ecosystem.”

Searchers can quickly add the Blocknative Builder to their bundle workflow. The bundle RPC endpoint api.blocknative.com/v1/auction uses direct payments instead of gas price to make payments conditional on their transaction succeeding, thus avoiding having to pay for failed bids. With over 269,000 validators connected to the Blocknative Relay via MEV-Boost, searchers can use the Blocknative bundle RPC endpoint to increase their Builder reach and increase the likelihood that their bundles successfully get on-chain.

Searchers can learn more at www.blocknative.com/mev-searchers or interact with the RPC endpoint at docs.blocknative.com/blocknative-auction/mev-bundle-rpc-endpoint To engage, join the Blocknative #searcher Discord channel to chat with our dedicated Searcher support team directly.

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About Blocknative

Blocknative is a leading Ethereum block builder. The company’s real-time infrastructure enables validators and searchers to optimize staking rewards and trading profit. Blocknative’s end-to-end Transaction Orchestration platform prices, previews, distributes, and monitors events so web3 users can transact with confidence. Blocknative democratizes access to pre-chain data and provides the power to see into the future, improving web3 user experiences and enabling MEV recirculation. Founded in 2018, Blocknative helps inform and power such forward-thinking projects as Lido, MetaMask, imToken, Curve, Balancer, Ethereum Foundation, Polygon Foundation, and hundreds of others. #ShareTheMEV

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