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Revealed: how tech decision makers consume content

Thursday, January 26, 2023 — 17:47:04 (EST)

Thursday 26 January 2023, London: To understand how content drives purchasing decisions, Ah Um, the disruptive creative agency in the tech and AI space, has released a study revealing how decision makers and decision shapers in tech, AI and analytics consume content.

The study, based on responses from 286 leaders at top US technology, AI, and analytics companies with over 5,000 employees, reveals content consumption habits of some of the most influential people when it comes to purchasing and procurement decisions in the b2b tech sector.

The findings show leaders in the industry want the content they consume to be visual, varied and valuable.

With over 7,500,000 new posts published online every single day by big brands and independent content creators, remaining innovative and cutting through the noise has never been more critical for selling services and aiding the growth of your business.

Key stats:

67% of senior decision makers read print

65% of business leaders are drawn in by visuals when browsing b2b content

63% prefer to consume video content above other formats

59% of respondents said they read all of the content provided to them at events

Ah Um’s Managing Director, Adrian McCusker said:

“The science and data that drives seemingly ‘everyday’ decision making has given us fascinating insight into the world of b2b content consumption.”

Every good marketer is aware of the standard, and somewhat stale, performance marketing metrics that are used daily. But what we’ve done is expose the behavioural patterns that drive that activity. We’ve managed to capture something unique within the space to help our clients truly understand their prospective buyers; arming them with the tools to influence the buying cycle, and with great effect,” McCusker added.

To download the study, ‘How decision makers and decision shapers in tech, AI and analytics consume content’ click here: www.ahumagency.com/article/c-suite-tech-survey-how-decision-makers-and-decision-shapers-in-tech-ai-and-analytics-consume-content


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