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ETA appoints 2023 Industry Affairs Committee leaders

Thursday, January 05, 2023 — 14:49:07 (EST)

Washington, DC –January 5, 2023 - The Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) announces the leadership of its Industry Affairs Committees for 2023. The scope of the Committees’ work covers the breadth and depth of the payments industry, and the committee leaders are veteran executives from across the payments industry.

The ETA Committees Chairs & Vice-Chairs are leaders from key companies leading the payments industry and innovating the financial sector. They will lead the Committees’ work to advance the top issues, driving the payments industry.

“ETA’s 2023 Industry Affairs committee leaders drive the discussion around top challenges and opportunities facing the payments industry,” said Jodie Kelly, ETA’s CEO. “Their leadership and the Committees’ work are at the cutting edge of payments.”

The committee leaders represent a diverse group of companies, such as ISOs, ISVs, Banks, Fintech, and Technology. ETA’s 2023 Committee leaders are:

Awards Committee is led by Rebecca Walden, VP Marketing, First American Payment Systems by Deluxe

Bank Committee is led by

  • Kate Root, SVP/Managing Director, Chesapeake Bank
  • Adrienne Gray, VP of Payments Risk & Compliance, Commercial Bank of California

ETA CPP Credentialing Committee is led by Diane Driscoll, Director of Compliance & Risk, US Alliance Group, Inc.

Crypto Committee is led by:

  • Eric Brown, CEO and Founder, Cryptobucks
  • Bradley Riss, CCO, Checkout.com

Large Processor Council is led by:

  • Jackie Joseph, Executive Director, Payment Network Office, JPMorgan Chase
  • Kristi Kuehn, SVP & Head of Enterprise Compliance, Global Payments

Mobile Payments Committee is led by:

  • Natalia Leonardis, VP of Business Development, CardFlight
  • Craig Ross, Manager, Channel Partnerships, Apple
  • Olivia Tomares, Payment Platform Partnerships, Google

Payment Facilitator Committee is led by:

  • Deana Rich, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Infinicept
  • Caroline Hometh, Managing Partner, RPY Innovations
  • George Malesky, Managing Director, Payment Alliance Advisors

Payments Sales & Strategy Committee is led by:

  • George Smith, Sales & Marketing Manager, Payscout
  • Patrick Gallagher, CEO, Reliable Payments

PCI/Cybersecurity Committee is led by:

  • Adam Perella, Manager, Schellman Compliance LLC
  • Eliot Cohen, Director of Information Technologies, Spreedly

Program Planning Committee, 2023 TRANSACT is led by Chris Lee, Founder, CL Payments Consulting

Retail Technology Committee is led by:

  • Jay Myers, Director, Payment Vendor Relations, American Express
  • Russ Palay, VP of Product Management, Nuvei

Risk Fraud & Security Committee is led by:

  • Tom Humphrey, Head of Compliance and Risk, Till Payments
  • Melissa Sutherland, Vice President, EverC

Technology Committee is led by:

  • Kevin Shamoun, SVP Product & Innovation, Fortis
  • Kyle Hall, VP of Digital Marketing & Sales, Signature Payments

In addition to the Committees, ETA also hosts a series of topic-specific working groups that build on the efforts of the Committees.

About ETA

The Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) is the world’s leading advocacy and trade association for the payments industry. ETA members span the breadth of significant payments and fintech companies, from the most prominent incumbent players to the emerging disruptors in the U.S. and in more than a dozen countries around the world. ETA members make commerce most prominent by processing approximately $44 trillion annually in purchases and P2P payments worldwide and deploying payments innovation to merchants and consumers. Please visit www.electran.org.

For Media Inquiries, please contact Scott Talbott, SVP, at stalbott@electran.org

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