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Walletmor sells 1,000th payment implant

Friday, August 12, 2022 — 22:37:31 (EDT)

London, Aug. 12, 2022— Walletmor, the world's only manufacturer of payment implants, has announced another success story. The company has just sold its thousandth implant, which is a breakthrough in the company's development. The implant number 1000 was purchased by a resident of Turku, Finland. This geographic location is no surprise to Walletmor, as Scandinavia accounts for 20% of the company's global sales.

- I believe that exceeding the barrier of 1000 implants is our startup's transition to the next, higher level. A similar milestone was the obtaining of the ISO 10993-5: 2009E biocompatibility certificate in 2021. It was the first significant turning point in the company's history. We proved internationally that our technology is safe. From now on, the sale of implants, which we will count in the thousands, will be a clear signal to the market that our startup is just accelerating - says Wojtek Paprota, CEO and founder of Walletmor Ltd.

The Walletmor implant, placed just under the skin, is the only commercially produced solution of this type in the world. The microprocessor with the antenna covered by a safe biopolymer works like a regular credit or debit card. That means that the implant can be used almost anywhere in the world.

2022 is the second year of Walletmor operation. At the moment, sales are conducted in the European Economic Area and the United States. This year's expansion plans also apply to the Middle East countries. Walletmor has already actively participated in the Expo in Dubai and fruitful talks with partners from countries in the Persian Gulf. Currently, Walletmor is developing the second generation of implants with sensors measuring basic life parameters such as glucose level, saturation, or temperature, to name just a few. The new device will also be capable of storing medical data, including, for example, current and past diseases, treatments, or regularly taken medicines.

The first, payment implant is continued to be offered at Walletmor.com at the retail price $299 in the US, and €199 in the European Union.

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