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New Jersey's top 25 fintech leaders for 2022 announced

Friday, August 12, 2022 — 12:07:08 (EDT)

NEW YORK (PRWEB) AUGUST 12, 2022--The Financial Technology Report is pleased to announce The Top 25 Financial Technology Leaders of New Jersey for 2022. While New Jersey may be considered part of the New York City metro area, it is quickly making a name for itself in the financial technology industry. Fintech companies are not only being formed in the state at a rapid clip, but they are increasingly relocating there as well, to the point that hundreds of fintechs now call The Garden State home. Some experts are even beginning to consider it within the realm of possibility that New Jersey may soon become the new capital of fintech.

This year’s list of awardees is chock-full of elite leaders guiding their companies to profitability and growth in the fintech space. For instance, CEO Gilles Gade’s Cross River Bank is delivering innovative and scalable embedded payments, cards, lending, and crypto solutions to millions of consumers and businesses around the world. Meanwhile, Co-Founder and CTO Uday Thakur’s Volante Technologies’ cloud payments and financial messaging solutions are processing millions of transactions and trillions of dollars in value every day. And CEO Robert Cortright’s DriveWealth is offering unparalleled consultative support and a cloud-based, industrial strength technology platform that allow partners to seamlessly offer branded investing experiences.

While this year’s awardees lead companies in a wide range of specialties within the fintech industry, from banking to cloud payments, eSignatures, wealth management, and many more, they all have one thing in common: they are revolutionizing an already revolutionary industry, pushing technology forward not just for the benefit of their companies, but to provide their customers with the best products and services possible within the fintech space. Please join us in celebrating The Top 25 Financial Technology Leaders of New Jersey for 2022.

Gilles Gade (Cross River Bank), Kathy Nelson (Cross River Bank), Uday Thakur (Volante Technologies), Nish Shah (IMM: The eSignature Company), James Kocis (Burgiss), Robert Carr (Beyond), Robert Cortright (DriveWealth), Ramsey El-Fakir (Fi-Tek), Manish Gurukula (Alacriti), Marc Betesh (Visual Lease), Don Schreiber (WBI), Kevin March (Floating Point Group), Richard O'Connell (Leap), Angelo Ciaramello (The Funded Trader), Joshua Jersey (DigiFi), Alf Newlin (Financial Sciences), Kevin Frisch (Banquest Payment Systems), Stan Jaslar (SQN Banking System), Yogesh Shetty (Avibra), Narasimha Kodihalli (OpenRisk Technologies Inc.), Mark Engelhardt (OptionsPlay), Kristen Metzger (Smyyth), Suraj Nekram (Inpensa), Adam Knuckey (Dolomite), Eric Swerdlin (GiftingNetwork).

The full article can be read at www.thefinancialtechnologyreport.com

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