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iCheckGateway.com teams up with Nacha's Payment Innovation Alliance

Friday, May 20, 2022 — 07:28:23 (EDT)

FORT MYERS, Florida. May 19, 2022- iCheckGateway.com (iCG), an Inc. 5000 company and Nacha’s Preferred Partner, recently announced that it joined forces with leading industry experts at the Nacha’s Payments Innovation Alliance. The technical specialists at iCG will now work directly with the executives of top financial institutions, enabling them with the knowledge and technology needed to succeed at payment processing.

The latest studies by Proficient Market Insights show that the global payment processing market size is projected to reach $248.97 Billion by 2028, growing at a stellar CAGR of 14.47% over the next six years. Additionally, trends suggest that the recent COVID hit pushed most consumers to shop online. These trends exponentially increase the need for seamless, effective, and low-cost payment processing solutions. Most financial institutions with legacy technology are not equipped to handle the needs of their commercial clients and consumers due to the sudden rise. This is where tech-savvy payment processors like iCG pave the way with innovative payment solutions.

“Merchants that want sustainable growth need to start thinking long-term and implement creative solutions as early adopters. They need to lead with technology to start making an impact that puts them miles ahead of their competitors,” said Jason Estes, CEO with iCG. “Survival is no longer only about planning for the next financial crunch or pandemic. Instead, hyper-growth companies need to take steps to fend off existing competition by creating a moat that preserves them for the foreseeable future. The decision-makers owe their consumers and investors smart choices that define the organization’s long-term growth.”

A hands-on approach separates iCG from the other payment processors in the market. The team here is entirely focused on having a one-on-one approach with their clients both on the technology and compliance fronts. “We don’t want to give the business owners fancy new payment processing technologies just to turn around and leave them in the dark for the next few years. Our team is explicitly focused on helping the executives succeed with the adoption and implementation processes within compliance limits. We want the merchants to get the utmost benefits from using these tools,” said Estes.

In an effort to enable more merchants, the team with iCG works with C-level executives of small and large companies, helping them set up compliant payment processes online. With Nacha’s Payments Innovation Alliance, iCG will actively work with entrepreneurs and established enterprise owners to help them with emergent payment technologies like mobile payments, email invoicing, SMS payments, IVR payments, recurring billing, and more.

iCG partnered with several ISOs and resellers to reach a wider audience and enable more merchants. Estes explained, “Actively collaborating with software vendors and sales organizations increases our reach to help a wide range of merchants across various industries. We are already designing customized solutions for insurance, municipalities, utilities, banking, and more. With the help of our partners, we aim to reach the millions of business owners who need advanced low-cost payment processing tools to succeed.”


iCheckGateway.com, iCG, a leading provider of ACH and credit card processing solutions with unique omnichannel fintech solutions, helps their nationwide network of partnerships with independent sales organizations (ISOs), value-added resellers (VARs), independent software vendors (ISVs) and financial institutions develop their business partner relationships by offering several ingenious payment solutions like SMS payments, IVR payments, recurring billing, virtual terminal, and more. iCG is a Nacha Preferred Partner, A Nacha PaymentS Innovation Alliance member, a PCI DSS Level 1 Processor, and an Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Company recipient. To learn more visit, www.icheckgateway.com.

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