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ETA presents Star Awards at 2022 Transact

Wednesday, April 13, 2022 — 17:52:25 (EDT)

LAS VEGAS, April 13, 2022 – The Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) celebrated the 2022 ETA Star Awards last night at TRANSACT. The awards recognize individuals and companies making significant strides in the payments technology industry through innovative business practices and contributions to the association.

“It was an honor to celebrate the titans and leaders in the payments industry and pay tribute to their invaluable impact,” said Jodie Kelley, president of ETA. “Thank you to this diverse group of professionals for their leadership in advancing new customer experiences, contributions to our association and their service to the industry and their community.”

The ETA Awards and Recognition Committee, comprised of ETA member company executives, reviewed this year’s submissions, and selected recipients in the following categories:

ETA Distinguished Payments Professional

Recipient: Guy Harris, Head of Merchant Services for Bank of America and former ETA President The payment’s industry highest honor, given to a trend-setter, role model, and positive contributor to the industry.

ETA Business Partner of the Year

Recipient: Visa An ETA member company who has demonstrated an exceptional level of support for the association to further the association's goals and objectives.

ISO of the Year

Recipient: North American Bancard An ETA member company that is moving the payments industry forward, exhibiting high ethical standards, and having successfully met industry challenges with demonstrated results.

FinTech Innovation in Payments

Recipient: Infinicept A company whose innovative practices and leadership have raised the bar for the payments industry and changed the business model of the industry.

Technology Innovation

Recipient: CryptoBucks Recognition of a TRANSACT exhibitor who uses technology to provide a creative solution that does one of the following: promotes customer usability, increases profitability, reduces friction, or otherwise enables significant advances for the payments ecosystem.

Pay It Forward

Recipient: Fadi Cheikha, Founder and CEO of US Alliance Group, Aiden Whisper Recognizing the unsung heroes who work in the payments industry and make the world a better place through community service, this award is given to an ETA member who has exhibited selfless acts of kindness to improve their community.

ETA Committee Volunteer of the Year

Recipient: Tom Humphrey, Head of Risk and Compliance, Till Payment An ETA committee volunteer who has dedicated extraordinary time and effort to their committee, ensuring its overall success.

About ETA

The Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) is the global trade association representing more than 500 payments and technology companies. ETA members make commerce possible by processing more than $21 trillion in purchases worldwide and deploying payments innovation to merchants and consumers.

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