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BHMI enhances back office payments solution

Tuesday, December 07, 2021 — 10:48:30 (EST)

OMAHA, Neb. – Dec. 7, 2021 In response to the everchanging technology and payment processing landscapes, payments software applications provider BHMI announced Concourse Release 4.15, the latest version of its industry-leading Concourse Financial Software Suite®, the powerful, modular back office software solution for electronic payments processing.

Concourse's integrated collection of products manages back office processing for all types of electronic payments, including credit, debit, prepaid and P2P transactions. The suite's adaptable architecture supports all processing functions including settlement, reconciliation, fees processing and disputes workflow management resulting in reduced costs and improved operational efficiencies.

Concourse Release 4.15 offers a wide array of operational and session management improvements to address customer requests and to meet the needs of the payments marketplace, including:

  • Enhanced system monitoring via expansive statistics collection and rules‑based performance tracking
  • New security management enhancements, including:
    • Refined browser access management to control access to Concourse installations
    • Strong password security handling that transcends industry standards
    • Powerful data shredding capabilities to ensure true deletion of sensitive information on Concourse managed files
  • Enhanced processing of payments disputes, including feature and performance upgrades to:
    • Visa RTSI Disputes modules
    • Discover acquirer disputes loaders
    • AMEX acquirer disputes loaders
    • MasterCom Claims Manager (MCM) modules, including support for Colombia domestic disputes processing
  • System platform and database upgrades to give customers greater operational flexibility

“The payment ecosystem is constantly evolving, and today's companies require the most flexible, adaptable products available to evolve with it,” said Susie Swenson, Concourse Product Manager at BHMI. “At BHMI, we spend a lot of time studying the industry shifts, but more importantly, listening to our customers to craft the best solution that can meet their needs now and in the future. We feel we’ve captured that with this latest release of Concourse.” Concourse customers interested in learning how the new features may be applicable to their specific environments should contact BHMI for a detailed discussion. About BHMI

BHMI is a leading provider of product-based software solutions focused on the back office processing of electronic payment transactions. The company is best known as the creator of the Concourse Financial Software Suite® – a unique integrated collection of back office products that allow companies to adapt to the rapidly changing world of payments quickly and easily. Concourse is a cohesive and integrated package, including settlement, reconciliation, fees processing, and disputes workflow management, that reduces the cost and complexity of back office processing. Concourse’s continuous processing, near real‑time architecture and powerful rules engine are ideally suited for new payment initiatives like P2P and enable companies to perform back office processing for any type of payment transaction. To learn more about BHMI, please visit www.bhmi.com.

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