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Reltime to launch DEFI Ecosystem for global audience

Friday, December 03, 2021 — 13:50:22 (EST)

Oslo, Norway--(November 2021)– Reltime DEFI Ecosystem will launch a decentralized banking ecosystem in 1Q22. Reltime announced that it would be the first crypto company to bring all banking services to the end-users. Reltime will list at BitMart Shooting Star on November 12 and complete listing November 15 with the ticker RTC.

Reltime is an Ecosystem project founded by Marlene Julo and two others. She is an entrepreneur with an incredible track record, previously establishing and are the minority shareholder in the fintech firm www.vopy.com and a MedTech with several granted global patents. She brings in teams and experience from universities, such as IIT, University of Oxford, and King’s College London, to build the next global banking platform controlled by the end-users without any middleman. Reltime has calculated an interest gross income of >78% profit for the lender, vs <10% as saving from a traditional bank. The service will be a game-changer in the banking industry and immense earnings for the end-users that have never seen any huge income from any savings.

Reltime projects include mobile applications, free P2P transfer, joint account, lender and borrower interface, where the Lender can customize a loan offer establish a smart contract to any borrower in the phone contact list. It also includes Market Place for Borrower with Collateral, a micro-Swap exchange, and DEFI Sandbox, in the end, a comprehensive banking platform controlled by the end-users. You can review the introduction here, where we also present the MVP of the service: youtu.be/8_drHmU_WP4 

Reltime aims to bridge the traditional financial market and the cryptocurrency market using their platform. By doing this, they aim to be a leading DeFi product in driving mass adoption of blockchain technology and accelerating the growth of DeFi. Problems associated with DeFi have been about the complexity of the current DeFi products and the need to be tech-savvy to understand the DeFi landscape fully.

Reltime plans to ease the barrier of entry into DeFi and has worked on the project for several years. Reltime has partnered up with several partners in the industry to fulfill the full scoop of the deliverable to the users. From License/BIN/EMI, Checkout, Deposit, Biometric Card, and Development.

The Reltime team has raised money to fulfill the project, both from the founders and partners. The aim of listing at BitMart is to bring the Reltime services to the global market and the users in the crypto market.

The ecosystem will be open for anyone, both from the financial industry, developers, and distributions.

DEFI and Financial systems are all about mathematical calculations. Reltime sees massive potential in the listing at BitMart, to attract investors and most importantly: find global partners that can bring the Ecosystem of Reltime to the mass market. We look forward to the future, informed the Angel Investor and CEO Marlene Julo

For more information, please visit their website at:

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