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PPS, ekko bring eco-friendly payments to UK

Monday, November 29, 2021 — 07:47:10 (EST)

29th November, 2021, London. PPS, an Edenred company, today announces its partnership with UK-based ekko, an iconic climate-friendly debit card, app, and ecosystem that empowers consumers to make a difference in the fight against climate change.

Ekko is enabling its customers to deliver a positive impact on the planet while engaging in routine actions like shopping, banking, and paying bills. With every five transactions an ekko user makes, one ocean-bound plastic bottle is diverted to a recycling plant. And, in partnership with Mastercard’s Priceless Planet Coalition, with every 50 transactions, a tree is strategically planted and maintained for the first five years of its life. Users can even track their green activity and monitor their carbon footprint via an intuitive carbonmeter on the ekko app.

With the help of PPS, ekko will provide its customers with both virtual and physical cards – soon to be equipped with Faster Payments – API technology, and the ability to make payments via BACS and faster payments. In keeping with ekko’s commitment to sustainability, even their cards are made using a post-industrial recycled PVC with degradable overlay produced by Thames Card Technologies, bringing the total percentage of eco-friendly material used in the card construction to 76%.

The solution brings ESG capability to customers concerned about plastic reduction and wishing to track their own carbon footprint, all through their daily purchasing. The partnership showcases PPS’ commitment to the enablement of the green finance movement in UK and beyond.

Ray Brash, Chief Executive Officer at PPS, said: “As a leading driver of innovation in fintech and paytech across Europe we are increasingly committed to helping the industry become a leader in sustainability. Utilising our platform, access to networks and expert knowledge within the PPS team, together we’ve built a payments infrastructure which will help people to do something for the environment.”

Oli Cook, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder at ekko added: “We knew that PPS offered industry-leading technology, have enormous credibility in the space, and could deliver at pace in line with our goals. As part of a truly collaborative project, we were able to transfer from our originally appointed issuer processing partner and completed all technical and regulatory tasks in less than 12 weeks. With the product now live, we look forward to building on our partnership with PPS and helping to support the growing trend of green finance, more informed purchasing decisions, and towards a more sustainable future.”

To find out more about PPS, visit: www.pps.edenred.com/

To find out more about ekko, visit: joinekko.earth/

About Edenred

Edenred is a leading digital platform for services and payments and the everyday companion for people at work, connecting over 50 million users and 2 million partner merchants in 46 countries via more than 850,000 corporate clients.

Edenred offers specific-purpose payment solutions for food (such as meal benefits), mobility (such as multi-energy, maintenance, toll, parking and commuter solutions), incentives (such as gift cards, employee engagement platforms) and corporate payments (such as virtual cards).

True to the Group’s purpose, “Enrich connections. For good.”, these solutions enhance users’ well-being and purchasing power. They improve companies’ attractiveness and efficiency, and vitalize the employment market and the local economy. They also foster access to healthier food, more environmentally friendly products and softer mobility.

Edenred’s 10,000 employees are committed to making the world of work a connected ecosystem that is safer, more efficient and more responsible every day.

In 2020, thanks to its global technology assets, the Group managed close to €30 billion in business volume, primarily carried out via mobile applications, online platforms and cards.

Edenred is listed on the Euronext Paris stock exchange and included in the following indices: CAC Next 20, CAC Large 60, Euronext 100, FTSE4Good and MSCI Europe.

The logos and other trademarks mentioned and featured in this press release are registered trademarks of Edenred S.E., its subsidiaries or third parties. They may not be used for commercial purposes without prior written consent from their owners.

About PPS

PPS, an Edenred subsidiary, is a one-stop-shop for prepaid and fintech programmes. It is a Mastercard Principal Member and an FCA regulated Electronic Money Institution, offering a range of services including processing, UK and SEPA banking solutions, BIN sponsorship, eWallet provision, compliance and fraud services, supply chain management, customer services and end-to-end program design and management.

PPS is the driver behind industry leading Fintech, PayTech, Regtech, incentives, benefits and fuel card programmes which operate across multiple media and form factors, including physical, virtual and NFC. PPS is the leading issuer of Apple, Google and Samsung Pay, with over 200 client programmes across over 30 countries globally.

Follow PPS on Twitter: twitter.com/pps_er

Follow Edenred on Twitter: www.twitter.com/Edenred

About ekko

ekko makes it simple to help the environment by turning every transaction into a positive reaction. The ekko debit card and app empower consumers, helping them make a difference in the fight against climate change. Every five transactions pays for one ocean bound plastic bottle to be collected. Every fifty transactions will pay for a tree to be planted.

ekko is a Mastercard Priceless Planet Coalition partner.

Powering the enviroconomy. www.joinekko.earth.

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