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Bill Simplicity launches with professional bill management

Friday, October 22, 2021 — 12:34:19 (EDT)

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) OCTOBER 21, 2021—Bill Simplicity announces the launch of their new bill management service available nationwide for those seeking to minimize the many tasks of bill paying.

The company, founded by Daniel Schoen, was created to offer a simple, straightforward way to receive, pay and manage bills all while having a management company monitoring billing activity for accuracy and consistency. The service and platform streamline all bills and payments into one easy to use portal, with 24/7 account access and dedicated bill assistants available as needed.

“I’ve long been aware of the need for there to be a safe, dependable and professional way to have daily bills managed for seniors and children caring for seniors. Many different family dynamics exist and that means not one option works for everyone. That is why I wanted to produce a comprehensive bill management platform that can assist with the many changing needs for individuals and families, while helping to ease the burden that bill paying can create. I personally assist my parents with managing many aspects of their daily lives and bill paying is one of them. Like most, I have a busy schedule and a family of my own and I wanted to create a way to alleviate the stress of managing both household’s bills. A top priority was to provide a way for my parents to maintain their independence as well as allowing me to keep a distant but watchful eye on their bill paying activity.” Schoen continues, “As I researched the industry, not only was I surprised by the need of such a service for seniors, as well as busy professionals, but was also dismayed to see how few options there were.”

Wanting to help others seamlessly manage the many tasks of paying bills and invoices, Bill Simplicity was created to allow freedom from these responsibilities. With the ability to view and approve bills from a phone, laptop, or tablet using one secure login and a team of experts scrutinizing the bills for accuracy, Bill Simplicity is looking to become the premiere bill management service for seniors, families, and busy professionals.

About Bill Simplicity

Bill Simplicity offers bill management services for seniors, families and busy working professionals. See the FAQ section of our website to learn more about Bill Simplicity services.

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Source: Company press release. end of article

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