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iCheckGateway.com rebrands website

Thursday, April 08, 2021 — 17:24:42 (EDT)

April 8, 2021- Fort Myers, Fla. - In the last year, iCheckGateway.com (ICG) rebranded their strategy on advertising in the B2B industry. Their goals include increasing web traffic, developing brand awareness, and generating new ISO, ISV and other merchant service provider leads with carefully created educational content and helpful downloadable CTA materials to inform potential opportunities about the opportunities to partner together. Considering all of the previous marketing efforts came to ICG by word of mouth through referral partners, this update to the website can be akin to a constructive facelift for this financial technology company’s appearance and styling.

In the last month, ICG continued making changes to pages like the Privacy policy as it collects leads and monitors traffic.

To understand ICG data protection obligations and the rights to personal Information under this document, it is important that users identify which relationship(s) they have with ICG.

All users can sign up to receive more information and request a personal support call from one of the ICG team members. Also, users can download valuable sales literature like the Product Brochure and Partner Catalog or view the 5-minute ICG Overview animated video created to inform the audience briefly on the top solutions available to solve businesses’ challenge to accept ACH and credit cards easily online with frictionless technology.

Visitors can review enhanced financial industry content in the blog the marketing content team diligently seeks to keep up to date on the latest trends. The blog publishes information as applies to the recent news and the solutions ICG continually develops to meet the needs of the evolving digital economy.

With the new website updates, merchants will still have the ability to log in to their accounts to monitor their volumes of transactions. By clicking the Online Terminal button, merchants can view their dashboard of ACH and credit card transaction history in the ICG secured terminal, monitored around the clock, and under current security measures and trending technology standards within compliance as a Level 1 PCI-DSS certified service provider and Preferred Partner to Nacha.

Referral relationships can feel comfortable the Partner Zone still exists to answer questions and monitor their merchant account activities, but they can get excited that enhancing features will come in the next phase of the “reconstructive therapy.” As of this posting, the tech team already added the ability to filter sections and a graph for Monthly and Daily Activity reporting for portfolio productivity as well as a graph to pinpoint the Top Commission Sources of merchants in their payment processing totals.

Which features will come in the next rollout of the new website? Go check it out, sign up for updates, and contact one of our representatives so you can stay in the know on trending financial technology.

About iCheckGateway.com (ICG)

Founded in 2008, iCheckGateway.com (ICG) is a United States-based business and proud provider of innovative technology solutions to the complexities of payment processing. ICG stays on the cutting edge, growing alongside advancing technologies to help our clients future-proof their businesses. With our extensive suite of solutions, our goals include streamlining and enhancing business processes through an all-in-one platform. Contact ICG to learn more about the benefits: www.iCheckGateway.com

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