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Payment Approved launches a new funding round, strategy

Thursday, April 08, 2021 — 13:09:24 (EDT)

AUSTIN, TEXAS (PRWEB) APRIL 06, 2021--Payment Approved Technologies, LLC, a financial technology platform that is spearheading a global digital commerce network, shared today its vision for the foreseeable future: building and integrating the most trusted payments and money movement network throughout Latin America.

This vision is the first step in what will be an international strategy as the young fintech works to build its trusted global network among small and large players alike throughout the financial services ecosystem. Currently, Payment Approved has set its sights on partnering with fintechs, money transmitters, and banks around North, Central and South America. Also in the plans is a powerful acquisition strategy, designed to give the company a firm hold on the entire payments supply chain across the continents.

Internally, the team spent time reworking the visual appearance of the Payment Approved brand, in addition to defining a mission, vision, and a set of values for all departments to model their goals and behaviors around. “We chartered this new course in an effort to prioritize our organizational health and safeguard our innovation-oriented focus, as well as building a firm foundation for our technology,” said Jason Montoya, CEO of Payment Approved. “2020 was a big year for us in terms of growth and clarity. We feel confident moving into 2021 with a powerful strategy and team guiding us.”

Additionally, the company invested time building out gateways to their Cross-Border Information Exchange (CBIX) network. The CBIX technology is an API-based payments portal designed to connect firms across the globe, enabling them to seamlessly transact with each other on behalf of their customers. The network is the most intuitive of its kind, with integrated compliance solutions and ledger capabilities embedded within the framework to uphold a new standard of safety for connecting firms.

Payment Approved’s team expansion included additions to an already talented pool of developers and technology professionals, as well as internal leadership for marketing and human resources. Particularly important is the incorporation of Chief Technology Officer Bump Verde, a 13+ year PayPal veteran who formerly held positions as the Director of Middleware Frameworks, Director of Presentation-Tier Architecture, Lead Java Architect, and the Lead Architect for PayPal-As-A-Service. Verde brings over 30 years of experience in technology development and security to the firm, as well as deep expertise in tech management and leadership.

“After spending over a decade at the nation’s largest payment processor, I was thrilled at the opportunity to return to my startup roots,” Verde shared. “I spent the majority of 2020 leading my team in the enhancement of Payment Approved’s CBIX technology, a foundational innovation designed to make money movement simpler, faster, and more secure,” Verde continued. “I am eager to expand our suite of products and features, and grow our capabilities.”

Jorge Guerrero, who also joined the Payment Approved team as the Chief Compliance Officer in early 2020 following the acquisition of his firm, Optima Compass Group, shared his anticipation for the year ahead. “We’re in a great place,” he commented. “We expect to solidify our presence in the industry, especially in the Latin America market, over the course of the next year. By the end of 2022, we hope to be the most trusted payment network in the region — encompassing money movement, real-time compliance, and security. From there, we’ll continue our expansion efforts across the globe.”

The team is strong and disruptive — a tactical group oriented towards a specific goal. Montoya expressed his confidence in the vision and those pushing towards it alongside him. “Our mission is big,” he confided. “But we’ve got the right people to get us there. Together, we will build the most trusted, comprehensive money movement network for every country, and human, in the world.”

To learn more about Payment Approved, visit our website or connect with us on LinkedIn.

About Payment Approved

Payment Approved enables a new way to move money through an innovative global digital commerce network — designed to help businesses access faster, simpler, and more secure payments and money movement around the world.

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