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VizyPay launches VizyPOS for PAX devices, app market

Thursday, April 01, 2021 — 14:00:57 (EDT)

DES MOINES—April 1, 2021—VizyPay, the leading payment processing company for small businesses, today announced the launch of the VizyPOS App for PAX Technology point-of-sales (POS) systems, available now on the PAX App Market. The app offers robust capabilities that allow merchants to manage all sales aspects within their business and addresses major industry pain points, including the lack of data analytics and split tender options for cash discounting.

Until now, merchants have been forced to purchase costly POS stations that require monthly software subscriptions, leading to added fees which can take a major toll on small to medium sized businesses. VizyPay’s new VizyPOS app is built for merchants looking for more flexibility and completely eliminates the need for cash registers and traditional payment terminals, ultimately reducing monthly overhead costs.

“When designing the app, we took a close look at the current pain points merchants have and worked to create a solution for them,” said Dang Saengchanpheng, Director of Fintech Development and Data Analytics. “We wanted a holistic solution right out of the gate that provided well-rounded capabilities for our partners. While the PAX App Market currently offers other payment processing options, we built our solution to offer more advanced capabilities. In particular, we wanted to go above and beyond with the reporting features. Merchants can now easily see key insights including their top revenue generating products and services, real-time batch reporting and more— which has never been readily available before.”

The VizyPOS app helps merchants streamline and manage all aspects of the payments process. Once a merchant downloads the app, they will begin inputting their entire inventory of products or services, which can also be managed through the VizyPOS Portal, a supplementary website for the app. From there, they are able to tap into the deep capabilities of the platform. Key features include:

  • Cash Discount Program (CDP) split tender—a highly sought out feature within the industry, merchants can now split CDP payments with ease
  • Merchant inventory ranking system—the VizyPOS Portal will strategically inform merchants of what products are the strongest for their business by ranking each item based on profit margin, volume and amount of transactions
  • Transaction analytics—in addition to the inventory ranking system, the app offers real-time data of transactions, allowing the merchant to pull out strategic insights to help drive their business forward
  • Cash Discount Program implementation—merchants signed on to use VizyPay’s unique CDP can easily implement it with just a few taps within the app after products or services have been uploaded

“This is just the tip of the iceberg for the VizyPOS app,” said Kyle McCann, Director of Business Development at VizyPay. “We intentionally built the app to be scalable, and the team has big plans to expand on its capabilities. In the future, we want to make the app a one-stop-shop for our merchants to be able to manage all aspects of their business with ease. Our long-term goal is to create an ecosystem, where everything can be managed from payment processing to employee payroll.”

The VizyPOS app is free for any VizyPay customer and is currently optimized for merchants operating in the retail space and is compatible with the A80 and A920 PAX terminals. For more information, visit www.vizypay.com/. To download the app, click here.

About VizyPay

VizyPay was founded in West Des Moines, Iowa, by three entrepreneurs who each had either significant credit card processing experience or were previously small business owners. Their combined understanding of these different industries created the perfect cocktail for a credit card processing company that could truly look out for the business owner. VizyPay is growing rapidly by being honest and simple in an industry that is known for being complicated and deceitful. Their business model is unique and making a huge splash nationwide.

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