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IRIS CRM, USAePay integrate for gateway merchant onboarding

Wednesday, March 03, 2021 — 10:03:21 (EST)

Brooklyn, New York – Today, IRIS CRM announces a new integration with USAePay by NMI to streamline gateway merchant onboarding.

USAePay by NMI is a popular merchant gateway provider that has been in business since 1998. The company’s solutions include Mobile, Ecommerce, Retail, MOTO, Vertical Market, and Merchant Console, and USAePay supports all major credit card platforms and shopping carts.

IRIS CRM’s direct boarding to USAePay provides ISOs and ISVs onboarding merchants to USAePay with unparalleled convenience and accuracy. The integration supports First Data Nashville, First Data North, TSYS, Heartland, Paymentech, MerchantE, and Global Payments.

ISOs and ISVs can use their USAePay Reseller API credentials to board merchants directly for USAePay enablement. Merchants can be onboarded in just five minutes directly from IRIS CRM, down from 30 minutes or more that were previously required. Merchant profiles are automatically transferred from a merchant processing agreement (MPA) to the USAePay application, and administrators can then verify and submit the application from their IRIS CRM site.

“We saw an opportunity to provide additional value for IRIS CRM clients by streamlining the merchant onboarding process to USAePay,” said IRIS CRM founder and President Dimitri Akhrin. “I couldn’t be more excited to help ISOs grow their residual portfolio more efficiently with IRIS CRM’s USAePay Gateway Merchant Onboarding integration.”

IRIS CRM is an industry leader and provides automated, streamlined solutions for ISO and ISV sales, onboarding, and service delivery needs. IRIS CRM’s USAePay integration provides ISOs and ISVs with a new way to work faster and more accurately, and is another valuable addition to IRIS CRM’s suite of powerful tools.


IRIS CRM is a leading merchant services CRM designed specifically for the unique needs and challenges of independent sales organizations (ISOs), payment facilitators, and their merchants. IRIS CRM provides reporting on more than 300,000 active merchants each month and offers ISOs the ability to handle many aspects of their merchant acquisition, onboarding, support, and residual income calculations through a single platform. By automating and streamlining the most repetitive and time-consuming tasks performed by ISOs, IRIS CRM enables agents, support staff, and management to spend less time on manual processes and more time on generating new revenue.

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