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IRIS CRM releases non-integrated processor reporting

Thursday, February 11, 2021 — 11:57:41 (EST)

Brooklyn, New York – Feb. 11, 2021 - IRIS CRM is proud to announce a new feature, Add Merchant Data From Residual Import for Non-Integrated Processors. ISO’s merchant data imported via Residual Import may now be analyzed alongside portfolio-wide data, even if the merchant is using a processor that is not integrated into IRIS CRM.

ISOs now have the benefit of merchant volume and transaction data at their fingertips for both integrated and non-integrated processors. With the ability to analyze their true portfolio-wide merchant data, ISOs can ensure that their business is healthy, their residual portfolio is growing, and that they are developing strong long-term relationships with merchants.

Non-integrated processor reporting is now available in IRIS CRM, in addition to integrated processor reporting which includes First Data, Paysafe, TSYS Wholesale, TSYS Retail, Nuvei, Priority, Vantiv, TriSource, and Elavon. For these integrated processors, ISOs can also view daily deposit information directly from the merchant page.

IRIS CRM’s advanced merchant reporting tools are now even more powerful with the incorporation of merchant reporting from non-integrated processors. In the past, ISOs could only analyze data from integrated processors in their portfolio-wide reporting. There are smaller processors that do not have the APIs needed to create a full integration, and now reporting from these smaller processors can be viewed alongside the other processors in an ISO’s IRIS CRM site.


IRIS CRM is a leading merchant services CRM designed specifically for the unique needs and challenges of independent sales organizations (ISOs), payment facilitators, and their merchants. IRIS CRM provides reporting on more than 300,000 active merchants each month and offers ISOs the ability to handle all of their merchant acquisition, onboarding, support, and residual income calculations through a single platform. By automating and streamlining the most repetitive and time-consuming tasks performed by ISOs, IRIS CRM enables agents, support staff, and management to spend less time on manual processes and more time on generating new revenue.

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