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GiftYa Welcomes Jim Podroskey As Director Of Engineering

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 — 13:33:41 (EDT)


GiftYa today announced that Jim Podroskey has joined the company as Director of Engineering.

“Jim will have a vital role in GiftYa’s technology expansion and scalability,” said Jason Wolfe, GiftYa’s Chief Executive Officer. “Jim was Vice President of Technology at our prior company, GiftCards.com, and held an important role as we scaled that business up to do billions of dollars in gift card sales. We expect to see even more growth and success with GiftYa under his leadership.”

“This is a great company that is on the cutting edge of gifting technology. I’m happy to lead a group of highly talented engineers. I can’t wait to see where we are in the next three years,” said Jim Podroskey, Director of Engineering.

Jim joins GiftYa from the Blackhawk Network where he was responsible for engineering growth and leadership across the ecommerce division. He has held previous roles as the Vice President of Technology for GiftCards.com.

ABOUT GIFTYA GiftYa, a Wolfe, LLC company, is reinventing gift giving with a meaningful no loss, no waste egift. GiftYa enables you to text a personalized gift for any national or local merchant in the U.S. within seconds. Visit www.giftya.com for more information.

ABOUT WOLFE, LLC Founded in 1995, Wolfe, LLC is an innovative Pittsburgh-based investor and incubator. The holding company conceives, invests in and grows innovative financial technology (fintech) and ecommerce businesses. Wolfe’s past and current company portfolio include GiftCards.com, OmniCard, Direct Response Technologies, JamboMedia, Sentral, Compromised.com, MyCoupons, PerfectGift and Gift Card Granny. The company holds a broad portfolio of patents in the gift card and card-linked offer arena. Find additional details at www.wolfe.com .

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