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BillSwyft receives $3.75 million in funding for nationwide launch

Friday, July 12, 2013 — 13:32:17 (EDT)

Los Angeles, July 11, 2013, BillSwyft Founder and CEO Jon Warner today announced that his company has received $3.75 million in financing from two financial services/investment banking investors, and is thus fully capitalized to launch across the U.S.

BillSwyft provides merchants with a single, online portal from which they can create, send and manage invoices, as well as receive payments. The company utilizes a technology developed over the last 3 years and currently used by businesses in Europe and Asia.

“Our technology provides an extremely simple, flexible and efficient way for businesses to manage their entire billing process,” Warner says. “It is free to use for consumers and saves every merchant money over old-fashioned billing and payment processes.”

With BillSwyft, merchants can: create and upload invoices; schedule recurring bills; accept any form of payment 24/7/365; and, store and retrieve invoices at will. With no upfront, fixed, or annual fees, the solution reduces administrative and overhead costs, maximizes the customer experience, and accelerates cash flow for the merchant.

“This is a service that should be packaged with any payment solution offered to merchants,” Warner said. Compatible with any market vertical, it “adds measurable value at little to no cost, and is an unmatched retention tool,” he added.

About BillSwyft: BillSwyft is a centralized, cloud-based electronic bill presentment and payment provider that empowers businesses of any size to issue bills/invoices to their customers, and collect their payments online, including credit and debit cards, as well as cash.

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