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DataOceans adds mobile payment offerings to services

Thursday, July 11, 2013 — 12:34:30 (EDT)

Norcross, Ga., July 11, 2013 -- DataOceans, LLC, is a leading provider of software solutions and services that help customers in the banking, healthcare, utility, broadband and communications industries unlock data from multiple existing systems to create and deliver newly enhanced and highly personalized full-color, interactive documents, such as bills, statements, invoices, and notices. DataOceans, LLC has been audited and certified that it is PCI Level 1 compliant for the third year in a row. In addition, DataOceans, LLC now announces upgrades to its existing Payment Processing capabilities to include Mobile Payments.

DataOceans is certified PCI (Payment Card Industry) Level 1 compliant again for the third year. Continuing this certification allows DataOceans’ clients to have one service provider for their statement creation, delivery (print or electronic), and payment processing needs.

For example, a DataOceans client is delivered a personalized and branded webpage for both Debit/Credit Card and ACH (online check payment) payment entry that is hosted in the DataOceans Data Center. These pay pages are “device aware” and are user-experience personalized for full-size PC’s, Mac’s, tablets, or phones. The content density is appropriately controlled as is also the call to action, e.g., full-size computer is “click to pay” and a mobile device “tap to pay.” Also, additional features such as “schedule a payment” and “establish recurring payments” are included in this expanded offering.

Suzanne Bridgers, VP of Client Services, elaborates on this expanded offering by explaining: “Certification for PCI Level 1 Compliance for our pay page immediately identifies to our clients that their customer payments are being processed with the highest level of security and protection in the industry. With today’s sensitivity to credit card data confidentiality, DataOceans’ clients can be assured that we are doing everything possible to protect them and their customers. With the addition of the mobile awareness, our pay page is not only secure but convenient.”

About DataOceans

DataOceans offers products and services that help companies across many industries improve the look and feel of existing print and electronic customer-facing documents. The company’s print, portal, email and mobile delivery options offer multiple, or omni-channel, modalities resulting in significant cost savings, improved customer self-help and a delightful overall customer service experience. In addition, DataOceans provides data transformation services that allow businesses to create data-driven, eDelivered interactive documents containing highly-targeted, personalized communications and marketing messages that can increase their revenue and decrease calls to their customer call centers. The solutions can be bundled with a variety of payment offerings which include straight through processing, ACH, credit card, and mobile payments. These powerful solutions can be implemented by Data Ocean’s clients in 90 days, without significant involvement of our client’s IT resources.

Visit www.DataOceans.com for more information about the company and its products.

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