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Hybrid Paytech partners with Froogalit

Friday, April 19, 2013 — 17:11:27 (EDT)

Montreal, April 18, 2013 -- Freeport Capital (CNSX:FAS), - a leader of Mobile Credit and PIN Debit payment solutions, announces that HybridPaytech (HYBRID) has entered into a partner agreement with Froogalit. Hybrid will supply Froogalit its mobile payment platform and devices for their existing and new merchants.

Froogalit CEO and Founder, Alex Hilton commented, "We are excited to partner with Hybrid PayTech and incorporate Hybrid's mobile solutions in to our payment platform. Together we can offer the industries top mobile solutions to our new and existing merchants. We believe this to be a truly revolutionary offering.

"We are very excited to partner with Froogalit and help them provide their customers' mobile solutions. Froogalit has managed to help merchants grow and have given them the ability to manage their payment process in a very efficient manner," says John De Luca Senior Vice President of Retail at Hybrid. "Our platform enhances FroogaliT's product offering."

About Froogalit

FroogaliT, LLC is based in Chicago and was founded in 2008. FroogaliT is an open source global enterprise payments company and security house offering businesses large and small cutting edge and flexible payment solutions and marketing tools that dramatically reduce payment-processing fees. FroogaliT offers its merchant base robust marketing tools, advanced fraud protections, PCI-DSS elimination, alternative payment programs and interchange optimization and social media management. FroogaliT systems work with nearly 100% of banks and ISO's who commonly call themselves banks. For more information on FroogaliT, LLC please visit them at www.FroogaliT.com .

About Hybrid Paytech

Part of First Equity Strategy LLC, a division of Freeport Capital Inc. (CNSX:FAS) and based in Montreal, Canada, Hybrid Paytech is a technology leader in the mobile payment space for credit and debit acceptance. With a global footprint, Hybrid is an enabler of easily-deployable payment systems focusing on authentication, approved security and quick merchant adoption in fleet, delivery, logistics and retail. With its current banking and fund-transferring partnerships, Hybrid Paytech has market access to over 3 million merchants worldwide. For more information on Hybrid Paytech, please visit hybridpaytech.com.

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