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Lilitab Counter iPad Kiosk launched with secure card reader

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 — 18:26:06 (EST)

San Francisco, Feb. 27, 2013 -- Customers prefer to do it themselves, and the new Lilitab Counter iPad Kiosk puts them in control for the best touch screen interaction. The Lilitab Counter pivots freely or with hard stops set at 90˚ or 180˚ to allow for multi-angle viewing. The convenient tilt feature lets staff and customers achieve best viewing angles for individual height and maximum glare reduction. Provide customers with control to set the tilt to their best angle, or fix the angle with an easy turn of a screw in this versatile self service kiosk.

Rotate the Lilitab Counter iPad® Kiosk between landscape and portrait orientations for the ideal touch screen interaction. Hard stops prevent cable tangling caused by over rotation; disable rotation completely to fix in the ideal orientation.

The Lilitab Counter with Secure Card Reader turns any iPad into a portable and affordable credit card terminal, and is offered as an unencrypted or encrypted option. Encrypted reader versions encrypt right at the reader head so no sensitive data is ever seen by the device, iOS or application. Sensitive customer data is never in the tablet or app, reducing merchant’s Payment Card Industry (PCI) liability scope.

In addition to bank and credit cards, Lilitab Counter with Secure Card Reader also supports AAMVA formatted driver’s licenses. Hospitals and medical clinics use this feature for ID verification prior to insurance co-payment. Lilitab provides a starter app, LilySwipe (available in the Apple App Store), as well as a Software Development Kit (SDK) with sample starter projects.

“The Lilitab iPad kiosk hits the mark on price, simplicity”, writes Michael Rose with TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog). “Rule #1 of iPad kiosks is, of course, make sure we don’t lose the iPad. That’s among the strengths of Lilitab’s kiosk line.” Retailers and restaurants engage their customers using the same secure iPad self-service kiosk. Customers can research-and even purchase-special orders and services using the Lilitab Counter with Secure Card Reader. Loyalty cards integrated with the Lilitab seamlessly rewards customers for their repeat business. "Using the Lilitab kiosks has been a great way to impress our customers and have a lot of fun" writes Gary Guerin, SWAY Events.

Lilitab iPad kiosks are versatile, modular, and easy to customize. The Lilitab Counter turns any desk or table into a self-service station with quick installation; the new foot cover allows the Lilitab Counter to be bolted directly into a solid surface for a more permanent solution, making the base plate optional. Keyboard and printer shelves are also available as added accessories. Lilitab offers custom branding, banner mounts and eye-catching backdrops to promote special offers or seasonal activities.

The iPads remain fully charged when plugged into an outlet using the integrated charging cable in each stand. Kiosk set-up is quick and easy; just attach an iPad, secure the head unit, and plug in the power cord.

Installing different home button access faceplates regulates customer interactions. Full web access, a single site or specific applications define the varying customer experiences.

Lilitab Counter iPad kiosks support all existing versions of the Apple iPad.

Lilitab, based in San Francisco, California, is a group of designers, engineers and business people passionate about the use of table computers in public environments. With their compelling interface, compact form-factor and economical price-point, there are all kinds of new and unique uses for putting interactivity into the public space. Founded in 2011 by Adam Aronson, an award winning kiosk designer, Lilitab is committed to delivering the most secure, functional and stylish security enclosures for ANY tablet. For more information visit www.lilitab.com or call 888 705 0190.

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