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Integrity Payment adds ROAMpay Mobile Payment Solution

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 — 16:38:23 (EST)

Chicago, Feb. 13, 2013 -- Integrity Payment Systems, a nationwide merchant processor, has seen mobile payment processing demands increase. Now more than ever, business transactions are taking place on the move. The ability to easily accept mobile credit card payments has quickly become a necessity for many businesses both large and small.

To meet this demand, Integrity now offers the ROAMpay™ Mobile Payment Solution, which is ROAM™’s advanced mobile payment system that features a secure mobile card reader and mobile payment app. Integrity’s ROAMpay enables merchants to sell a product or service safely and easily utilizing a smartphone or tablet device.

To use, merchants can simply swipe the card, enter the amount and let the client sign for the transaction with their finger. It automatically sends the customer an email receipt and allows the merchant to capture the email for further promotion. “We are pleased to be able to add Integrity to a growing list of ISO partners,” stated Ken Paull, CEO of ROAM. “As a leading national payment processor, Integrity will serve as a key channel partner enabling merchants nationwide to implement ROAM’s best-in-class mobile payment solution.”

The ROAMpay Mobile Payment Solution can be used on hundreds of different devices; the mobile card reader is compatible with almost all iOS devices such as the iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch®, and it supports the majority of the Android® devices such as a Droid®.

Integrity’s existing merchants can use their current mobile merchant account at their present rates. But ROAMpay doesn’t work solely for existing clients alone. Merchants that are not clients with Integrity, or merchants who already are but are in need of a mobile payment solution, can utilize ROAMpay for their business, and all at their present rates, too.

Additional features of ROAMpay include:

  • Processing credit and cash sales, voids, refunds and even processing offline when mobile phone has limited coverage
  • Applying Sales Tax, Tip and Signature Capture to any transactions; set them once in settings menu and ROAMpay will take care of the rest
  • A lightweight secure mobile card reader that simply plugs into a mobile devices' standard headphone jack
  • End-to-end encryption from the time of card swipe
  • Auto-device detection enabling plug and play pairing
  • Compatibility with 100+ devices
  • Auto-power management that maximizes the device’s battery life

With Integrity Payment Systems, the security of a financial transaction is vital. The ROAMpay reader fully encrypts cardholder data at the card reader head before it reaches the mobile device. The data can then only be decrypted at a secure payment server. This helps merchants maintain PCI compliance while helping consumers feel that their card information is handled safely.

Integrity Payment Systems continues to offer products and services that combine leading-edge technology, ease of use, tight security, convenience, low cost and additional features to meet the needs of both the small business and the consumer.

About Integrity Payment Systems

From its inception, Integrity Payment Systems created an approach to credit card processing based not upon fees, but upon fairness, added value and dedication to client success. Integrity Payment Systems found that the best way to help merchants is to give them as much value as possible for every dollar they spend on credit card processing, at no added cost. And it is this philosophy that has led to the many unique products and services offered today. Please visit www.integritypays.com/ for more information .

About ROAM™

ROAM, an Ingenico company, helps merchants get to market quickly with secure, cost effective and powerful mobile point of sale solutions, regardless of the technology environment. ROAM’s “powered by” commerce platform provides the hardware peripherals, applications, tools and services to channel partners who want their merchant customers to realize the benefits of using mobile to reinvent their interactions with their customers and to create new business efficiencies. Founded in 2005, ROAM is a pioneer in the mobile POS space, having produced and distributed the industry’s first secure reader and today powers mobile point of sale solutions for many of the leading players in this space, globally. For more information, visit www.roamdata.com .

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