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AirVend touchscreen vending technology meets ACA compliance

Thursday, February 07, 2013 — 11:42:10 (EST)

Provo, Utah, Feb. 7, 2013 -- AirVend, a company dedicated to revolutionizing the vending industry, has today unveiled an innovative touchscreen solution for improving profitability and ensuring a vending company is in compliance with Affordable Care Act requirements.

Those requirements force vendors to disclose calorie or nutritional information on the food products offered to customers, but no ruling has been made on how the new regulations will be enforced for the vending industry. Now, with the date of April 2013 set for implementing rules, AirVend, Inc.’s advanced solution ensures that regardless of what the government’s final ruling might look like this spring, AirVend customers will be ready.

AirVend, Inc.’s mission is to enhance the lagging role of technology within the vending industry by improving ROI through low-cost hardware, increased sales, and cutting-edge innovations. Chad Francis, Founder of AirVend, Inc., said, “Members of my family have been in the vending industry for 20+ years. As a software engineer and technologist, it always pained me to see such a lack of technology in the industry. My team and I are very pleased to be in a position to make a real difference.”

Of course, there’s much more to AirVend’s solution than simply complying with governmental regulations. The AV 7 device provides cashless payment options with credit card acceptance and NFC technology to ensure Operators are no longer leaving sales on the table. The device is also wirelessly connected to AV Live, a cloud-based system providing real-time sales data, machine alerts, inventory tracking, and more.

With simple over-the-air software updates, the AV 7 platform becomes an extremely dynamic interface on a very static machine. This means all the latest innovations from AirVend such as advertising, loyalty programs, promotions, and new cashless payment methods can flow to the machines as they become available.

David Loveland, Co-founder and CMO of AirVend, said, “For those of us passionate about solving business problems with technology, the last few years have been very exciting. The release of Android, a free operating system, as well as consumerization of tablets and smartphones has commoditized small, powerful computing devices and components. Now, making mobile hardware solutions for business use is much more affordable than ever before.” AirVend provides a single multipurpose hardware device that can do it all, at a price point that makes mass adoption of this technology possible.

To find out more about AirVend, Inc., or their powerful vending technology, visit the company at www.Air-Vend.com .

About AirVend, Inc.: AirVend, Inc. was founded in April 2012 for the express purpose of bringing affordable, advanced technology to the vending industry. The AirVend system is an interactive touchscreen device that displays nutritional information, provides cashless options and sends real-time data and alerts wirelessly, ensuring that Vending Operators reap the rewards they deserve.

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