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Apptous streamlines multiple apps integration into one platform

Wednesday, February 06, 2013 — 13:04:13 (EST)

Tel Aviv, Israel, Feb. 6, 2013 -- Today, businesses want to offer interactive, relevant mobile applications that complement, but also build on social strategies to help tap into the potential that lies in the hands of loyal customers.  A recent upgrade from the online platform Apptous is helping businesses achieve this more efficiently than ever, by enabling streamlined management of multiple apps as well as the ability to co-ordinate various proven app-marketing strategies from one, single dashboard.

Mobile application development has rapidly become a top concern for enterprises and their CIOs. According to the 2012 Gartner CIO Survey, over 60% of respondents plan to largely enhance their mobile capability during the next three years, and this is set to increase even more, with 48% of businesses believing they will become leaders by fully adopting innovative mobile solutions.

Apptous (www.appto.us ), with its largely upgraded Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform aims to help these businesses ‘go mobile’ and ‘grow in mobile’, to increase brand reach as well as overall bottom-lines.

This enables users (individual developers, small businesses and large enterprises) to grow to the next stage of mobile integration and build a mobile channel that’s effective, largely automated, and aligned with their overall goals to extend and improve their mobile strategy.

The SaaS provides an extensive toolkit of features, from dedicated app websites and user-engagement tools, to the management, promotion and distribution of multiple apps, all from one platform.  

Co-Founder, Dudu Mimran, says ‘‘we provide brands with the infrastructure to help their apps stand out in an increasingly overcrowded marketplace. By helping with the seamless self-distribution, management and promotion of as many apps as you like, all through a single account, we hope to contribute to the success of many apps that could otherwise have gone unnoticed’.

Mimran continues, ‘By assisting businesses right from the experimental stage with this new platform, which is complimentary to the major app stores, right through to developing integrated mobile strategies, we’re able to help businesses far more than other services. It’s this approach which focuses on the integral parts of the app life-cycle; sales, promotion and on-going management and marketing that bring this together as a complete and comprehensive solution to app publishers’.

In short, the platform allows users to manage multiple, cross-platform apps (iOS, Android, Windows, HTML5) with comprehensive management tools through a single dashboard.  This means businesses can now keep track of the ever growing stream of new ‘versions’ of their app and the growing data that comes with these updates.  For a company new to the mobile sector, this can be a complex and confusing process, but with Apptous, this app life-cycle management becomes a lot simpler.

When these new app-releases are ready, users can now easily roll these out, and with the uniquely developed API enabling user registration for future promotion and communication opportunities, this is an important tool for allowing users to become aware of new updates, along with the soon to be launched API to enable the publishing on vertical/niche app stores to add a more organized layer of distribution to the app world.

But with many app-stores now requiring apps to have their own dedicated websites, Terms of Service and Privacy Policies, maintaining an app’s listing on multiple distribution platforms/stores can quickly become a time-consuming exercise. This is where Apptous really stands out; each app that’s promoted via Apptous has its own dedicated, SEO-optimized website.  This conforms to all the major app-site requirements, giving each app a quality web presence, and provides template documents, detailed meta-data management and cloud storage for the app files including related media files and documents.

This is a comprehensive platform that, according to comments received so far, is set to shake up the mobile app-marketing world.

With four different packages, ranging from the FREE introductory package designed to allow users to get acquainted with the service, right through to the comprehensive Enterprises package ($799 per month) for larger publishers, there is a package for all goals and budgets.

‘The app-economy is still a growing, evolving and changing eco-system, and Apptous is the future, ready to guide our app publishers and developers through all the major hurdles’ says Mimran.  ‘The platform can help brands make the most of the new app stores, and reach the best environments for your app; this is part of the all-encompassing service we offer’.

This optional on-going support and advice from Apptous’ industry experts, offered to all users on an on-going basis on how to enter the mobile world, completes this fresh, holistic approach to app marketing and management.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Effective mobile strategies vary widely between organizations and must be tailored to meet your goals and resources, and that’s where Apptous really comes in.

ABOUT APPTOUS The Apptous Team, coming together in 2011, have collectively been involved in app and software development for over 20 years.

It seems everyone needs, or at least wants to have a mobile app these days, but a lot of businesses are not sure what’s required, nor understand how to integrate, implement and manage such a project, especially when it comes to the marketing and promotion of the app.

Seeing this gap in the market, Dudu Mimran (co-founder) and the Apptous team developed their unique platform which allows businesses to easily manage, distribute, promote and store all their apps in their one Apptous account.  No matter what stage of the mobile ‘ladder’ your business is at, Apptous has a solution that can help.

Apptous has grown to a team 7 full-time in Israel as well as a development team in Donetsk, Ukraine, and other members in the UK, making this a truly world-wide collaboration.

Though their first product iteration (BETA) was introduced in April 2012 and gathered high interest from users and potential customers alike, this two year development sparked further investment to create a much fuller, holistic version of the software to be released on the launch data.

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