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Apriva releases AprivaPay for Android

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 — 12:01:02 (EDT)

Scottsdale, Ariz., Oct. 13, 2010 -- Apriva, the leading provider of end-to-end wireless transactions and secure information solutions, today announced the general availability of its AprivaPay Point-of-Sale (POS) application for Google’s Android mobile operating system. A full-featured, secure, downloadable application, AprivaPay for Android is a comprehensive solution that serves the needs of mobile merchants by providing them with a cost-efficient and flexible tool to accept card-based payments. The announcement took place at Western States Acquirers Association in La Jolla, California.

“From our perspective, it makes complete sense for Apriva to develop a version of AprivaPay for Android users,” explained Bill Clark, Apriva’s executive vice president and general manager for North America. “Android products have quickly become some of the most popular Smartphones in the market, particularly by merchants and mobile businesses. We anticipate that many of these customers will appreciate AprivaPay’s flexibility, reliability and ease-of-use for conducting card-based transactions on their Android phones.”

According to Mercator Advisory Group, the market for Smartphone payments is a viable, growing market. In its recent report “Squares and Sleds: Wireless POS Plays a Smarter Game,” Mercator estimates the potential market for smartphone-based payment products is over 16 million merchants. The report states that this market is comprised of enterprise, service professionals, sole proprietors, direct sellers and a new classification, a “level 5” casual merchant or seller, which can include part-time entrepreneurs, and micro-businesses. Mercator estimates by 2014 the smartphone-based mobile card acceptance will exceed 1.4 million users.

AprivaPay for Android provides a more professional and convenient experience for both the merchant and consumer. The application enables merchants to conduct “card present” transactions, which translates into lower interchange rates. AprivaPay for Android is compatible with all 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 software versions and supports the Woosim PORTI SC-30 combination reader/printer. Apriva is evaluating additional peripherals that will enhance the consumer experience and meet specific merchant needs. AprivaPay is certified and available through the online Android Market, as well as AprivaPay authorized resellers.

In addition to its release on the Android platform, AprivaPay is currently available on Apple’s iPhone and iTouch as well as Windows Mobile devices. AprivaPay is also available as a web-browser based tool that can be utilized through any feature phone or Smartphone with web-browser capabilities. AprivaPay for select BlackBerry devices is expected to be released by end of 2010.

AprivaPay and related peripherals are available through Apriva’s extensive network of resellers. To learn more visit www.aprivapay.com or call 877-277-0728.

About Apriva

Founded in 1999, Apriva is the leading provider of end-to-end wireless transactions and secure information messaging solutions that meet the exacting security and reliability requirements of financial services providers, government entities, and public service sectors. Through its two operating groups, Apriva Point of Sale (POS) and Apriva Information Security Systems (ISS), the company offers customers fully-managed, end-to-end, security solutions that incorporate hardware, software, network infrastructure and management tools. For more information, visit www.apriva.com .

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