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Banking Circle builds 99% plastic-free stand for Money 20/20 Europe

Thursday, September 16, 2021 — 12:42:28 (EDT)

London, 16th September 2021 – To ensure a positive contribution to the environment, Payments bank, Banking Circle, has designed its stand at Money20/20 Europe to be 100% sustainable, zero-waste and beneficial to the planet.

Banking Circle’s stand designers, RADAR Exhibitions carefully selected every material, feature and furnishing to ensure it can be reused, repurposed or recycled easily after the event. The team also used planet saving techniques and materials to produce the stand, including VOC-free, non-toxic paints, plastic free banners and graphics, responsibly farmed cork worktops and eco-board for the flooring and structure.

While most materials have been sustainably sourced to cut negative environmental impact, some have been selected for the positive impact they have. For example, local sustainable design studio, The Good Plastic Company made one vital feature - the Circle Bar - from 100% recycled polystyrene.

Overall, Banking Circle’s 2021 stand is 99% plastic free, and once the vinyl flooring is reused for signage by RADAR’s sustainability partner, PIE Factory, and the exciting new flooring system is developed, the stand will be 100% plastic free from 2022. The team is also reducing the carbon footprint of the stand, by utilising the local economy more than ever, tracking carbon emissions from staffing, production and logistics and double offsetting these with gold standard carbon credits.

“All-too-often industry events result in a huge amount of waste, from single-use signage to disposable plastic cups,” commented Miranda McLean, Senior Director, Global Head of Marketing at Banking Circle.

“We are, therefore, delighted with the solutions RADAR and PIE Factory have come up with to cut the impact of our stand and to ensure our involvement in Money20/20 isn’t just carbon-neutral but has a positive impact on the environment. We hope our success will inspire others to change their stands so that the payments industry can work together to make its positive contribution to the environment.”


About Banking Circle

Banking Circle is a financial infrastructure provider to Payments businesses and Banks. As a fully licensed bank, free of legacy systems, Banking Circle technology enables payments companies and banks of any scale to seize opportunities in the new economy - quickly, at low cost and in line with high standards of compliance and security – with direct access to clearing that bypasses old, bureaucratic and expensive systems.

Banking Circle solutions are increasing financial inclusion. From accounts to lending, international payments to settlements and FX to compliance, Banking Circle technology is helping thousands of businesses transact across borders in a way that was previously not possible.

Banking Circle is owned by EQT VIII and EQT Ventures in partnership with Banking Circle’s founders. Headquartered in Luxembourg, Banking Circle has offices in London, Munich, Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

For further information and interviews please contact the Banking Circle Press Office: Wendy Harrison - Harrison Sadler T: 0208 977 9132 E: bankingcircle@harrisonsadler.com

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