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Friday, May 25, 2018 — 12:57:21 (EDT)

APWG Data Policy Symposium posits GDPR cybercrime data exchange uptick

Cambridge, Mass., May 24, 2018 (BusinessWire) -- Within days of GDPR’s launch, global cybercrime fighting association APWG and the European cybercrime research foundation APWG.EU are convening a data policy symposium for civil sector responders and cybercrime managers to prepare for the impact of GDPR’s introduction on May 25.

The symposium - in Barcelona, Spain, May 31 and June 1 - will directly address how all sectors can not only comply with the provisions of the GDPR but use its introduction as an opportunity to codify exchange of all kinds of data necessary for cybercrime prevention, response and investigation and manage the GDPR’s requirements at the same time. The symposium agenda page is here: .

The objectives of the program emphasize positive engagement of GDPR:

Given what APWG analysts and operations veterans have surmised after interrogation of GDPR and related laws and regulations - and manifold interpretations from the broad stake holding communities represented by APWG, it is clear that its introduction should not stop cybercrime fighter nor should it arrest data sharing about malicious activity and cybercrime.

APWG Resident Research Fellow Pat Cain said, “So much of what we exchange now runs through informal lists and agreements and emails with spreadsheets that corporate counsel knows nothing about. Engaged thoughtfully, GDPR’s introduction can be a great opportunity to formalize many of the under-the-table data sharing arrangements that cause people heartburn.”

“Much like in WHOIS, everybody is just bailing out - and stopping the movement of data - because they are confused. But actually having to have contracts or "rule-based agreements" means that many data sharing things will become better after a short round of educating the lawyers,” Mr. Cain concluded.

The registration link for this year's data symposium is here: .

The four panels will cover:

Location: Cuatrecasas, Avinguda Diagonal, 191, 08018 Barcelona, Spain

Symposium Contact: .

Source: Company press release.

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