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Tuesday, January 16, 2018 — 18:37:04 (EST)

Chargeback Gurus portal connects high-risk merchants to payment processors

McKinney, Texas, Jan. 16, 2018 -- Chargeback Gurus, a global leader in ecommerce chargeback and fraud prevention solutions, today announced the launch of Payments Lounge, a website created for the high-risk ecommerce merchant community to easily connect with suitable payment processors for processing credit card payments at the lowest rates possible.

When a high-risk merchant applies for merchant accounts with multiple resellers and processors and is denied due to misrepresentation or incomplete documentation, processors/ISOs can blacklist the merchant, prohibiting them from applying elsewhere. With Payments Lounge, merchants in the health, beauty, travel, dating, digital download, subscription and online retail industries can easily be approved for a high-risk merchant account in less than a week.

"We're excited to finally launch the Payments Lounge website for ecommerce merchants. We recognized a need to educate the high-risk merchant community on the various components of working with payment processors," said Srii Srinivasan, CEO at Chargeback Gurus. "Chargeback Gurus is here to help merchants learn which payment processors support specific different industries, what to look for, and how to connect with the payment processors that fit with their businesses."

The process to get a merchant account approved with Payments Lounge is straightforward. By levering 13+ years of payment industry experience, combined with Chargeback Gurus' unique processes and technology, merchant accounts are approved at a faster rate. Using a 5-step streamlined approach (Discovery, Evaluation, Qualification, Application Approval & Go-Live Phase), Chargeback Gurus will then configure the merchant's gateway and provide all login credentials in an encrypted file. The company will also test the merchant's gateway to ensure transactions are processed successfully.

"The main goal of Payments Lounge is to educate merchants about this complex payment processing world and ensure they get the right merchant account from the most suitable payment processor with the lowest fee possible," said Suresh Dakshina, President at Chargeback Gurus. "We also have an open community allowing merchants to share their experience about different payment processors."

To learn how Payments Lounge can help your business, visit: .

To learn how Chargeback Gurus can help your business and book a demonstration, visit: .

About Chargeback Gurus

Chargeback Gurus has been a pioneer in fighting and preventing chargebacks for ecommerce businesses for more than 14 years. Chargeback Gurus has helped merchants recover up to 70% of their chargebacks and prevented up to 50% chargebacks using proprietary tools and custom strategies targeting vulnerabilities affecting client businesses. With a team of over 150 specialists helping merchants combat fraud and chargebacks, Chargeback Gurus has actively recovered $150+ Million in lost revenue through its Smart Representment Program. The "Guru Guarantee" ensures positive ROI for its clients with no long-term contracts, setup fees or hidden billing. To learn more, visit: .

Source: Company press release.

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