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BillPro expands into EU

Tuesday, January 05, 2016 — 17:01:10 (EST)

Newstead, Queensland, Australia, Jan. 5, 2016 — International payment service provider BillPro (www.billpro.com ) is celebrating two milestones this season: the opening of its first EU office in Amsterdam and the 30th birthday of CEO Daria Rippingale. During the four years that Rippingale has led BillPro, she’s expanded the company’s operations to five continents and added support for a number of local and alternative payment methods, all with an eye to the growing global ecommerce market.

This year in particular, Rippingale has turned BillPro’s focus to the EU, where proposed changes in cross-border trade rules have the potential to level the playing field for EU-based online retailers and increase the region’s online commerce segment.

“Daria’s leadership style centres on reducing barriers to successful ecommerce, whether that’s making it easier for clients to accept Bitcoin or protecting them from cross-border fraud,” said Kirsty Tull, Director of Marketing for BillPro Pty. “BillPro’s expansion in the EU complements the region’s Digital Single Market plan to make ecommerce faster and more cost-effective for merchants and EU consumers.” Ecommerce Europe, a B2C ecommerce consortium, projects that EU ecommerce will be worth €609 billion in 2017 and will represent some 7% of all EU commerce by 2020. Worldwide, ecommerce is expected to be worth more than €3.2 trillion by 2020—more than double its value in 2015.

BillPro announced the opening of its local European office in November, offering clients its international network of acquiring banks, multi-lingual customer support for payments and checkout, personalised account management services and real-time transaction reporting tools. BillPro is also at the forefront of fraud-abatement technology and practices with a combination of automated and manual transaction screening and a Level 1 PCI-DSS 2.0-compliant gateway.

About BillPro Pty Ltd:

BillPro is an international online payments provider delivering secure payment solutions for all business types. BillPro offers credit card, eCheck, ACH, Bitcoin, check by phone and international bank payments and secure multi-currency payment options through its network of international banking partners. BillPro’s secure payment gateway is fully integrated with many of the world’s largest gateways and shopping carts. BillPro’s management team has more than 25 years’ experience serving local, international, and cross-border ecommerce merchants at various risk levels across all verticals. Learn more at www.billpro.com .

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