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It's countdown time for world's leading crypto conference

Wednesday, May 22, 2024 — 14:24:29 (EDT)

Austin, Texas, May 22, 2024—UNITED STATES: Organisers of the world’s largest crypto conference, Consensus 2024 are counting down the days to their 10th annual event, which takes place in Austin, Texas 29th - 31st of May. Billed as its biggest, most diverse event yet, it will feature a plethora of prominent speakers, including presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Tom Emmer (R-Minn.), Majority Whip, U.S. House of Representatives, Chris Dixon, Founder and Managing Partner, a16z crypto, Lynn Martin President of the New York Stock Exchange and more. Hosted by the award-winning media platform CoinDesk, Consensus 2024 will gather a wide range of industry leaders, innovators, investors, policymakers, and enthusiasts from around the world to discuss cryptocurrency, blockchain and Web3 communities among others.

The event, originally born in 2015, now amasses over 350 of the most influential figures in the digital assets space. With over 105 thousand attendees expected to turn out in Austin, a host of groundbreaking talks will take place across 9 separate stages on a variety of topics led by expert speakers. Discussions around end to end tokenization, AI, blockchain and the creator economy, cryptocurrency and the U.S elections, the global regulatory market, cybercrime and more are all set to top attendees agendas.

As well as a range of informative presentations and panel discussions, attendees will be offered a host of unique attractions and events for Consensus 2024. One of this year’s key attractions includes Consensus Karate Combat featuring ten professional Karate Combat fights, as well as the second installment of its brand new Influencer Fight Club format. For those with a keen interest in tech, Consensus will also be teaming up with EasyA to host a three-day, multi-chain hackathon where participants will be asked to build and present their Web3 project in front of an audience of world-class investors and developers. As well as this, Consensus will be holding its annual Pitchfest inviting promising startups to the stage for a live pitching contest. For more information on all of this year’s activities and experiences please visit here.

Additional speakers for this year include:

Cathie Wood - CEO of ARK Invest

Mike Novogratz - Founder and CEO of Galaxy

Anthony Pompliano - Pomp Investments

Sergey Nazarov - Co-Founder Chainlink

Ron Wyden - Chairman, Committee on Finance U.S. Senate

*For the full list, please see HERE

Speaking ahead of Consensus 2024 Brad Spies, Managing Director of Consensus at CoinDesk, said:

“We are delighted to return to Austin, Texas where our global experts will discuss the most thought provoking insights and trends into the world of digital currencies. As the biggest conference of it’s kind, we are honoured to have so many leading political figures and successful founders and CEOs in attendance, each of whom will share invaluable expertise into current and future trends.”

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