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Google Pay™ integrates with PersonaPay™

Thursday, June 08, 2023 — 14:04:29 (EDT)

NASHVILLE, TENN. (PRWEB) JUNE 06, 2023--RevSpring, the leading provider of healthcare engagement and payment solutions, today announced that the popular Google Pay™ application now is available in its PersonaPay™ portal for healthcare providers and their customers. This integration makes using Google Pay in PersonaPay secure, fast and convenient for patients, even as it increases conversion rates and enables faster payment flows for providers.

Google allows patients to make payments, easily and securely, using any device that supports Google Pay eliminating the need for passwords or credit cards. PersonaPay customers can now enjoy a frictionless payment processing experience with Google Pay through RevSpring’s merchant services offering.

PersonaPay precisely tailors a payment experience for each patient, ensuring consistency at every touchpoint and through every communication channel. Greatly enhanced payment experiences and payment outcomes for both patients and employees are the end results.

“RevSpring customers count on us to provide a true one-stop shop experience, beginning with our print and digital patient engagement services, to payments in pre-service, point-of-service, post-service and back-office settings with integrated merchant services on the other end. We’re delighted to add Google Pay to our comprehensive mix of patient payment options,” said Steve Callis, president of payments at RevSpring.

Google Pay transforms payments within apps and websites with an easy, secure and private way for patients to manage their healthcare financial responsibilities. The integration with PersonaPay enables healthcare providers already using Google Pay to add the option to their PersonaPay customer payment options.

About RevSpring

RevSpring leads the market in engagement and payment solutions that inspire patients to participate in and pay for their healthcare. The company has built the industry’s most comprehensive and impactful patient engagement suite, spanning the clinical, administrative and financial experience. RevSpring’s OmniChannel communications and payment solutions are backed by behavior analysis, propensity-to-pay scoring, contextual messaging, and user experience best practices. Using proprietary data analytics to tailor the engagement from preservice to post-service to payment, RevSpring improves the patient experience and outcomes for providers, members and patients. To learn more, visit revspringinc.com/healthcare.

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