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Sontiq introduces patent-pending RepIQ

Thursday, February 25, 2021 — 07:38:13 (EST)

Boston, MA — February 25, 2021 — Sontiq, the leader in Intelligent Identity Security, today announced a patent-pending reputation management capability, RepIQ, as a new capability that will be available to consumers through its Sontiq Intelligent Identity Security (IIS) Platform. Sontiq’s IIS Platform leverages an artificial intelligence (AI) identity and reputation engine to ensure continuous and accurate assessment of individuals’ identity security and online reputations.

Sontiq built the proprietary RepIQ capability to empower a user to better understand the impact their digital reputation might have on their personal digital brand throughout all aspects of their life. In fact, personal digital reputations often serve as the single source of a first impression. An individual’s online reputation now has significant influence over how a person is perceived by potential employers, colleges, clients, neighbors and others. For instance, 79 percent of HR professionals report having denied a job to a candidate due to content on social media. In the last year alone, there was an 11-percent jump in the number of college admissions officers who say they view applicants’ social media profiles.

RepIQ evaluates an individual’s digital presence across a number of personalized metrics. Each can be fine-tuned for tailored scoring based on what each user believes is the most important to measure. This includes tailoring reputation markers like openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. RepIQ can also measure an individual’s online reputation by evaluating the length and volume of social interactions, the number of comments and interactions across posts and whether those responding are reputable. Additionally, RepIQ analyzes a person’s topics of interest, such as sports, politics, media, and academic, while also assessing post sentiment as positive or negative.

“Individuals today must be critically attuned to the total picture of their constantly-changing digital identity health,” said Rochelle Blease, Sontiq’s executive vice president of products and strategy. “While cyber threats like identity theft pose an immediate financial threat, online reputation and personal brands carry hefty lifetime value that must also be continually guarded. There can be serious career, social, financial and academic implications of a misaligned online image.”

Key features of Sontiq’s RepIQ include:

Recurring monitoring and analysis of a user’s social media channels to assess key sentiments.

Scoring of key characteristics deemed most important for a user’s particular profession, such as athletes, influencers, lawyers, physicians, entertainers, business professionals, academic status, and personal interests.

Guidance on how to achieve desired reputation score

Future RepIQ capabilities will include highlights of recent noteworthy activity, such as college evaluations or acceptance, academic milestones, and job changes or promotions.

“Nowadays, before face-to-face interactions occur, someone has likely conducted online research on you,” said Mary Kate Feeney, a professional who has dedicated her career working to help manage the reputation of public servants while also working in administration for academic institutions ranging in grades K-12, and who participated in a consumer product review to provide feedback on RepIQ. “Social media, news sites and other online sources are now a big part of the way people form opinions about you. With the reputation management capability consistently scanning the internet for my online presence, I feel like I have much greater control over putting forward the best and most accurate impression to the people interested in connecting with me.”

RepIQ Availability

RepIQ, the first of Sontiq’s several proprietary AI-driven solutions to address digital health and cyber threats, will launch in the second quarter of 2021. It will be accessible to partners, organizations, and consumers of Sontiq IIS platform.

About Sontiq

Sontiq (pronounced Son-tick) is an Intelligent Identity Security company arming businesses and consumers with award-winning products and services built to protect what matters most. Sontiq’s brands, IdentityForce and EZShield, and soon to be Cyberscout, provide a full range of identity and cyber monitoring solutions, best-in-class restoration, and response products and services. Sontiq’s products are used by an ever-growing community and empower millions of customers and organizations to be less vulnerable to the financial and emotional consequences of identity theft and cybercrimes. Sontiq and its brands have an outstanding track record for delivering high-touch support and fraud remediation services, demonstrated through its 99% customer satisfaction ratings. Sontiq is a portfolio company of the Wicks Group. Learn more at www.sontiq.com or engage with us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube.

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